I Do, I Don't

The Bachelor meets Runaway Bride

Hi everyone, Lauren Layne here! I'm so excited to announce a brand new series for 2017! It's called I Do, I Don't and focuses on a reality TV show called Jilted (think The Bachelor, except instead of any old bachelor, it's guys with a rep for leaving women at the altar--and instead of a proposal at the end, it's a ... wedding!) 

I don't have official covers yet or pre-order links just yet, but you can click on the below temporary covers to see what each book is about! The idea for this series woke me up at 3am one night, and I was so excited I had to get out of bed to email my editor and see if she was interested (short version, YES!) 

I hope you're looking forward to the series as much as I am :) 

xoxo, LL 

place holder graphics - official covers coming soon!

Series FAQ

Do these books have to be read in order?

Nope! As with all my books, these can be read as standalone, each with their own Happily Ever After.

When will they be available?

I know how much it sucks to wait for the next book in a series, so these books will be released very close together!

Book One :: Aug 22, 2017

Book Two :: Sept 12, 2017

Book Three :: Oct 24, 2017

Are these at all related to your Wedding Belles books?

No, not even a tiny bit. They're not about wedding planners, and they don't take place in NYC. But they'll be just as fun as those books! 

Will these books be available in print?

No, sorry! e-book only.