Author Shorthand

The hardest thing about having seven releases in one year?

Writing seven books in one year.

The second hardest part.

Keeping track of them!

This morning I was writing in my planner (where I track all of the drafting, copyedits, revisions, promotion that's constantly in flight), and I smiled at something.

See, here's my shorthand for some of my past few titles:

Blurred Lines :: Blurred

Irresistibly Yours :: IY (you try spelling Irresistibly!)

Steal Me :: SM

Cuff Me :: Cuff Me (I guess it's short enough that my brain could handle it)

Good Girl :: GG

From This Day Forward :: Day

To Have and to Hold :: 2H2H

For Better or Worse :: WB#2 (as in, Wedding Belles, #2)

To Love and to Cherish :: Cherish

See how there's zero consistency there?! Sometimes it's an acronym, other times it's just part of the title, others it's part of the series.

And then ... and then are the times, when it's not about the title at all. When it's about the characters. Just one character, actually. 

See, I've been working on Someone Like You lately.

The shorthand for that one?