Book Planner | #WriteTipWednesday

Dang it ... a day late. Again!

For this week's #writetipwedneday (or Thursday, whatever, shut up), I got a TREAT for my fellow writers1


A couple months ago I made my Character Snapshot available for download, but I'm bumping it up a notch today and giving you my ...


What is a book planner, you ask?

It's basically the short and sweet checklist/brainstorming template I use for all my books.

The pansters out there might shudder at the idea of pre-writing, but it's definitely a key part of my process. I find that putting in 20 minutes of planning can save me HOURS of rewriting. 

This quick and dirty outline helps me develop the skeleton of all my books.

Also, my tip of the day:

Don't be afraid to revisit your outline after you've started writing.

One thing I've learned after 10+ books is that sometimes your original outline can be amaze-balls, but once you get started writing, your characters will take you in new directions, or you'll get a brand new plot idea that's better than the original.

I've been known to fill out this template three or more times per book.

Once before I start writing (always).

Once at the halfway or 2/3 mark if I'm feeling stuck and the story's starting to meander on me.

Once after I finish the first draft, if I know that the story's not quite right. I'll fill out the form again yet again with the way I want the story to go (not necessarily the way it is currently). Then I develop my edit notes using the discrepancy towards my outline and the draft.

Note: this template is specifically for the planning of ROMANCE novels. Writers of other genres are still welcome to it, just know that there are sections in there for the first kiss, and other bits that might not be relevant to non-romance. 

Happy writing, everyone!