Behind-the-Scenes :: Good Girl

If you're subscribed to the Lauren Layne Weekly, you've already heard me talk about Good Girl and how it's quite different for me!

Not only in characters/storyline (the heroine is a country music star, whaaaaaaat?!) but also in setting. This is the first book of mine in a long time not to be set in a big-city, but I didn't just go small-town. I went all the way off the grid.

The majority of the book takes place at a mansion in the outskirts of Glory, Louisiana. The whole "no cell service" thing is a pretty pivotal part of my plot, as is the fact that the grand old mansion that the heroine thinks she'll be staying at has fallen into major disrepair, and as a result requires the presence of a hunky handyman to fix the broke stairs, leaky facets, and so on.

It took me forever to find a picture of the house I envisioned, and this isn't exactly it, but it definitely captures the secluded, romantic vibe.

Sneak Peek

How about a little first-glimpse at our grumpy hero?

Dude. Are you holding a wrench?”
I glare down the length of my body as a tasseled shoe kicks lightly at the sole of my work boot. “Well how the hell did you think a sink got fixed, Vaughn?”
My best friend—one of them—knelt down so that a preppy, Kennedy-esque face came into view along with the tasseled shoes. Somehow I’m not even the least bit surprised to see that friend was wearing a suit even though we’re currently in a decrepit mansion about forty minutes outside of Baton Rouge.
This place didn’t have a single bar of cell service, but Vaughn’s wearing a lavender tie.
For God’s sake.
“Here’s the thing, Preston. I don’t think about how sinks get fixed. People do that for me,” Vaughn says.
I grunt. “Don’t call me that,” I say, as directing my attention back to the rusty pipe directly in front of my face.
“Why shouldn’t I call you that. It’s your name,” Vaughn counters.
“Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. We’ve been over this. My boy’s name is Noah.” This from my other friend, Finn Reed, who was right about most things, but not the name.
Well, he is right. But not entirely so.
I’m Noah Maxwell and Preston Walcott Jr.
It’s tricky as shit.
— Good Girl

Available May 17, 2016