Hustlin' | #mondaymotivation

Hi friends! 

Keeping the blog post short and sweet today. I just got back from a long weekend in Indiana for a dear friend's wedding, and did something highly unusual for me:

I took time off.

No writing, no outlining, no brainstorming, no blog posts ... just pure, unadulterated vacation time with my husband and my best friends from college. 


But . . .

I did wake up this morning, glancing at my overgrown to-do list as I dusted off my much-neglected laptop, and I may or may not have muttered a bad word or two as I realized just how much needs to happen this week.

Most pressing is the book that's due in a week (Playing for Keeps) that is a little behind schedule. And Blurred Lines' release is right around the corner, which means PROMO. And I need to vacuum. And clean the bathroom. My fridge is empty, so grocery shopping is in order. My inbox is a mess, I owe a couple things to my agent, my website's out of date, the dog needs to go for a walk, the dry-cleaning needs to be picked up, my finger nail polish is more off than on, and then there are the 900 "business" tasks related to a writing career that nobody told you about when you were querying agents . . .

And yet, I'm not stressed.

I'm feeling invigorated and wanting to do all the things, and confident they will get done . . .

But how?

How will they get done?!

I wasted a good hour this morning trying to figure out a system. I mean, I have a system ... lots of them. But my current system only works when I'm on schedule, and right now I'm so not on schedule! 

And despite the fact that I'm not much of a procrastinator, all bets are off the moment I get behind. Let's just say I start fantasizing about having pasta for ALL THE MEALS and watching Friends. All day.

Which I can't afford to do.

So then I start thinking that maybe I needed a system for figuring out my system (yikes).

And then it hit me . . .

Sometimes there is no trick.

No method. No system, no hack.

Sometimes the solution isn't figuring out where to start, it's just freaking starting.

To borrow a lil something from my good friends over at Nike (just kidding, nobody at Nike knows me, but they should, because I look awesome in their pink running shoes), sometimes it's a little less how to do it, and a lot more just do it.

And so, with that, I bring you today's Monday Motivation:

There is no trick.

There is only hustle.

And lipstick. Always lipstick. 

Now if you'll excuse me ... I have a book to write!!!