Lincoln's Story

I've been inundated lately with questions about Lincoln's story, so putting them all up here so everyone's on the same page (ooh, book pun!) 


Someone Like You

Release Date

December 13, 2016 (yes, I know it's a long way off, but respectfully I have to pick the release dates that are right for my writing schedule!) 


Should be released sometime in May/June 2016 ... I'll be posting it here for sure, as well in the LL Weekly


 Kindle (sorry, BN and iBooks pre-order links aren't up yet, but I"ll post here when they're available!) 


 I don't have the "official" blurb yet, but I can tell you that the heroine will be Daisy Sinclair :) 


Q: Why wasn't Lincoln's book #2 in the series?!

A: That was never, ever, ever the plan, and it's author privilege to get to decide how the series unfolds. I get it, you're just excited for Lincoln's story, but please be respectful in your excitement and resist the urge to diminish my excitement over Jackson's story, which has always been my plan for book 2. If I sound stern here, I mean to! I'm tired of the rude messages on this! 

Consolation Prize

My inspiration for Lincoln :)