Oh Maya, You Wise Minx (#MondayMotivation, a day late!)

Well ...


Here's a post carefully crafted for Monday coming at you on Tuesday.

See, I tried to schedule this guy to post yesterday afternoon, but apparently I selected the wrong day.


The mishap is fitting, because yesterday--oh, lets see, how do I put this--yesterday sucked.

Yep, you heard it here first. Yesterday blew a big one, and not in the heeeeeeeey kind of way. 

I don’t know what triggered it, but from the moment I woke up, everything was wrong.

Most of my funk was due to a classic case of Stress.

I have a book due next month. Copy edits on a different book due in 1 week. Developmental edits on yet another book due in two weeks.

And then there’s promo for FRISK ME which comes out in 2 weeks (2 weeks! how did that happen? How is it July?!)

Then there’s the other author stuff. Social media. Touching base with my agent and editors. Responding to interview requests. The endless anxiety that my sales aren't where they should be. Website updates. Proposals on future projects. Outlines. Character sketches. New story ideas. Coffee.

Oh, and let's not forget email. I’m good at email, but right now, my inbox looks like the end of days.

And then there's the home stuff … somewhere between writing a zillion books and trying to coax people to buy those books, I’m supposed to find time to vacuum? Le non.

And then there are just the THINGS that bugged me. It’s crazy humid in Chicago, so my hair’s the size of toddler. 

Then there’s the Internet and the trolls that lurk there. I mean, gawd, why is the internet so horrendous? Because it is, right? Horrendous?

I usually try to stay off the web--I'm actually pretty good at turning off the internet during my work day and buckling down on the important stuff.

But sometimes I lapse. Sometimes I feel out of touch, like what if they've discovered some new type of wine and I missed it. What if Julie James announced a new book, and I missed that? #horror

So yesterday, I checked in on Twitter.

Um, mistake. 

The first thing I saw was a publishing-related article that a really good friend had retweeted, and she enthusiastically agreed with its contents.

I trust said friend, so I thought, "Here, this seems safe. This won't be the match that lights today's short fuse." 


On account of my already simmering mood, an article that normally I would have just rolled my eyes at, pissed me off royally. It came across as flippant, dismissive and woefully under-informed.

I dwelled. I dwelled. I simmered. I dwelled some more. I lost like a freaking hour of my day being pissed off at this article. Yep, you're reading that correctly. I let an internet boob take up sixty minutes of my precious life.

And just as I started to come down from that rage, the dog puked.

Annnnnd I got a stomach ache. And a headache.

And then the garbage disposal clogged.

And for reasons I can’t understand, our shower curtain always smells like mildew no matter what I do (anyone? anyone?) 

At one point I actually put my fingers into my hair and tugged in sheer Overwhelm and Bad Mood.

So I did what any Gen Y woman would do.

I hit up Pinterest for a motivational quote.

I needed a quick slap that would reset my mental state, and Pinterest is brilliant for this.

See, as I creep into my thirties, I’ve slowly awoken to the realization that it’s not the world around me that changes from one day to the next. 

It’s not that one day is The Day of Shit, and another day is, Ohmigod, another rainbow?

It’s my perspective that changes. In other words, it’s all about attitude.

Was it that yesterday was that much worse than other days?


It was that my attitude was worse than other days. Foul, even.

I needed Pinterest and all its words of encouragement to offer me a helping hand, and as always, it delivered.

The quote is so popular, so obvious, I probably should just keep it on my desktop as a quick reference. 

So here’s today’s #mondaymotivation, put into a LL-style visual for your enjoyment:



It's a classic among inspiration quotes for a reason.

Let’s take that one more time, shall we?

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.

Well said, Maya. Well said. 

So that's what I did. First, I went through my list of to-do items, and if there was something on my list that I was resenting that wasn't strictly necessary, I axed it. Anything I was doing out of guilt or obligation or because someone else told me to--I cut it.

In other words, I changed the stuff I didn't like. I quit being pissy and did something about it.

For all the other stuff--the stuff that was here to stay--I changed my attitude.

I started by reminding myself that I'm pursuing my dream job, and that getting to write books is the best thing that ever happened to me. I should be grateful for all the book-stuff that needs to get done.

Same went for all my other to-do list items.

Instead of thinking I HAVE to do them, I started saying, I GET to do them.

And slowly but surely, the Bad Mood lifted. Not all the way. I'm not freaking Pollyanna, and I was still a little edgy, a little don't-you-dare-look-at-me! when my poor husband got home from work.

But by the time I went to bed the tension in my chest had finally, finally eased. 

And thanks to my blog-mishap yesterday, I’m tweaking this post on Tuesday, and guess what …

Tuesday is better that Monday. Tuesday is great.


Because my attitude is better.

Why is my attitude better?

Because I made it so.

Remember, you’re in control. If not of your situation, than of your attitude. Always.