Start Today | #mondaymotivation

You know what depresses the everliving crap out of me?

Listening to someone talk about something that they are so clearly passionate about--something that lights them up, that makes them glow.

You know the types of things I'm talking about:

Travel plans.

A brilliant business idea.

The book they want to write.

The hobby they want to start.

I get so excited with them, so I start to ask questions like, "when are you starting, or how much have you done/planned, or what's next?" 

And then it happens.

Their smile drops. Their energy fades. And then they say something like:

I don't have any spare time.

That's impossible with kids.

It feels selfish, considering this, that, and the other thing ....

Ha, yeah right, maybe when the kids graduate high school.

I have to pay the bills. 

It's like the second the dream becomes real, they bail on it, and it's heartbreaking.

Or, my favorite response is the ever-popular, passive aggressive: "wouldn't that be nice?"

Well, hell yeah it would be nice.

Actually, no, I hope the prospect of following your dreams is a hell of a lot more than nice.

We are talking about your LIFE here.

You know how many of those bad boys you get?


One life, people!

And listen, if you don't make time for That Thing that sets you on fire, it's not going to happen.

Time for some tough love here, but if you don't actually put it on the calendar, if you don't put actual time and energy into it, it's not likely to happen.

And to all of you nodding along thinking, "Totally, definitely. Right there with you, LL, Good talk. Some day ..."

Nope. HALT.

Stop that train of thought right there.

No more some day.


If you can't start today (you should really start today), fine ... but,

Put it on the calendar, today.


Take out your calendar right now, and say, "On this date, I will set aside 20 minutes to brainstorm what I'd need to start this business."

Or, "On this date, I will sit down and write the first paragraph of my book." 

Maybes it's as simple as scheduling 10 minutes next week to find out how much a flight to Rome is.

Or saying, "On Sunday morning, at 10:00AM, I will take 5 minutes of Google time to research the best time of year to take my family to Disney."

Maybe it's saying, "On Tuesday night, I will dust off the watercolors I haven't touched in years, and paint instead of mindlessly flipping through TV channels looking for something to watch."

Some day's not good enough, guys. Not if you want to have that Big Life you're craving.

Do it now. Because, 

*mic drop*