Is there champagne in your fridge? | #TipTuesday

So, here's something . . . 

The last #tiptuesday I was rambling about how to clean a stainless steel sink with, wait for it . . . .

Wait.For.It . . .

Baking soda.

YUP.  I wrote a blog post about baking soda.

And damn it, I stand by that post. My kitchen sink is ridiculous.

But while I do love me a good Monica Gellar worthy cleaning tip, today's #TuesdayTip is more, um, Big Picture than cleaning tips.

Today's advice?

Stock Champagne.*

*I use the word champagne colloquially throughout this post, but for any non-wine-nerds in the mood for a little trivia, the word Champagne technically refers to sparkling wine produced in the Champagne region of France. If you want to be precise and wine-dorky, you should say sparkling wine for bubbly made in Spain or Napa or Italy. A lot of the "champagne" that get served in our apartment in our apartment is not champagne at all. It's Prosecco, or bubbly from Mumm Winery in Napa. All technically sparkling wine. But c'mon. Sometimes you just want to call it champagne. Sommeliers can

So. Ahem. As I was saying:

Keep a bottle of Champagne in your fridge. Always.

This is something we Laynes take verrrrrrry seriously in our household. 

It wasn't always this way.

Champagne used to be an anniversary and New Year's Even sort of beverage.

But then five years ago we went to a champagne-tasting with my in-laws.

The wine geeks up at the front of the room put a bowl of regular Lays potato chips and popcorn in front of us, poured the first round of champagne and told us to dive in.

I was . . . confused.

Where was the foie grois? The oysters? The amuse bouche?

I could not have champagne with potato chips.

But I did. And it was freaking glorious.

By the end of the evening, we'd learned that champagne doesn't have to be a once-a-year phenomenon. It doesn't have to be some spendy monstrosity stashed away for years and served with much trepidation.

Ever since then, we've kept a bottle of bubbly to celebrate The Randoms:

The client meeting that went especially well. An epic writing day. A fabulous review. A kind word from a customer. A friend's engagement. Getting a book offer. A good hair day. Conquering some random bit of anxiety. Sometimes it's something as vague, as "today was a good day."

Tonight, I will be having champagne.

Why? Release day, baby!

Frisk Me is finally here! You can buy it in your local Barnes & Noble and at  all the major e-book retailers, and you know what?

That's worth celebrating.

I will be pouring champagne into my fanciest glass, I will be putting on my favorite lipstick, and I will be lifting a glass to life.

This may not be my first book release, it's certainly not my last. And with six books coming out this year, and seven next it would be oh-so-easy to think, "Oh ho hum, here we go again."

You guys.

Life should never, ever be ho hum.

And don't be thinking, "Oh LL, you're a published author, of course you celebrate. Of course your life's not ho hum." 


You too have things to celebrate. If you think you don't, you either need to cannon ball off the edge of your life.

Or maybe you need to change your 'tude.

Quit treating celebration like it's a limited quantity.

There is no such thing as too much celebrating.

And lest any of you bust my balls, all, "LL, I don't really like champagne, it makes me hiccup, or LL, I don't drink alcohol. . . "


If you don't like bubbles, it doesn't have to be champagne, or any cheap alternativ

It can be your favorite Riesling. A nice bottle of red. It can be a rum and coke, made with Mexican coke and some fabulous rum I can't name here because I've never even heard of it.

Or, it can be apple cider! A non-drinking friend of mine posted a gorgeous picture of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider to celebrate her new home, and I said hell yes.

The beverage isn't important. But the sentiment is:

Celebrate your life. 

Not just in your head. Really take a moment. Raise a glass.

Toast to you.

I'll cheers to that.




PS :: Frisk Me buy links here. Because YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.