Tip Tuesday // Arm & Hammer for the Win

Somewhere in my mid-twenties, I became a neat-freak.

I'm not sure what brought it on. Adulthood, perhaps. You know, that point where you realize if you don't keep your place clean, nobody will? That.

I'll also take this moment to apologize to my mother for all the times I threw a teenage tantrum when she asked me to vacuum. I get it, Mom. I get it. 

Anyway, as I've mentioned before on the blog, I keep a tidy home. Easier, perhaps because I don't have kids, but cleaning also takes the place of other stuff. TV. Ice-cream. Movies. Reading.

I'm fine with that. Few things make me happy-sigh like a streak-free mirror.

But do you know what's more annoying to a clean-freak than something she can't get clean?

Nothing. That's what.

So imagine my frustration a few years ago when no matter what I did, I couldn't get the stainless steal kitchen sink clean.

I tried every cleaner on the market. All-natural. Harsh-chemicals. Bathroom cleaner (eek)

I tried good old-fashioned elbow grease, working up a serious sweat trying to get rid of the dingy layer of gunk.

Finally I turned to my best friend and cleaning companion: Google.

Google told me to try Baking Soda.

I laughed at Google.

But I was desperate, so I tried it. I grabbed our rarely-used box of Arm & Hammer and sprinkled it all over the sink, the grabbed a slightly damp rag and half-heartedly rubbed at it.

The white baking soda immediately turned brownish-gray. As though it were picking up the gunk.

Excited, I rubbed a little bit harder. I saw silver color. Pretty, shiny, clean stainless steal.

It was working.

A few short minutes later, I rinsed the now completely brown baking soda down the drain, and ...

My sink was clean.

I'd spent countless dollars on cleaning supplies, and the secret was right there in my pantry.


Now, to those of you who've known this forever, don't laugh at me. I'd never heard this before! 

And my infatuation with Baking Soda didn't stop there. I now keep multiple boxes in the pantry, because I use this for everything.


You know that skillet or pot that you just can't totally get clean? That layer of "blech" at the bottom that never comes up no matter how vigorously you scrub?

Baking Soda.

Need to remove tarnish from silver jewelry?

Baking soda (+ a couple strips of aluminum foil; something with how the aluminum and baking soda react)

Soothing foot scrub?

Baking soda.

Itchy bug bite?

Baking soda. 

Odor absorption?

Baking soda (but you knew that one, yeah?)

You get the idea--baking soda is a total workhorse. RESPECT.

Those of you who are rolling your eyes because you've known this forever, whatevs. Just be happy for me.

Those of you who haven't yet discovered the wonders of baking soda? Sure, sure, you can call me Martha.