So, about Marco & Elena Moretti

Hey guys!

I'm catching up on email this morning, and no joke, 80% of my inbox right now is people asking about ...

Marco and Elena Moretti, and whether or not they'll get their own books!

I mentioned this in The Weekly a couple weeks ago, so some this is repeat info for some of you, but here's the deal ...


As of now, New York's Finest is a 3-book series, with Cuff Me being the last.

But. I will never say never! there are two more siblings that I left hanging, and I hope to visit them some day! Maybe!

Thanks so much for everyone who's cared about the Morettis as much as I do, and if it turns out that Marc and Elena's stories don't get told, rest assured that they most definitely live happily ever after!


Lauren Layne

New York, NY, USA

USA Today Bestselling Author & Lifestyle Blogger.