What I'm Listening To

One of the first CDs I ever owned was the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I'm not as fan-girl about the movie as some of my girlfriends, but that sound track was everything to me.

She's Like The Wind? Sylvia & Mickey?! 

Hungry Eyes!!

And of course the absolute classic: I've Had The Time Of My Life

Suffice to say, I've got every single song on that album memorized, and if you'd have asked me if any one could do a cover or remix of a song from that soundtrack, I'd have laughed with scorn.

(although admittedly I didn't hate the Black Eyed Peas remix of Time of My Life)

But then I heard Grace's You Don't Own Me, which, Dirty Dancing fans will know is a cover of the Blow Monkey's version.

Here's the part where I lower my voice and confess that ...

I think I actually prefer the new version.

I've been listening to this song constantly while writing To Love and to Cherish and I have yet to get sick of it!


Hello, World!