New York's Finest

The Series

"A stellar example of the genre." —Publishers Weekly


This is one of my grittier series in that the heroes aren't my usual wealthy, suit-wearing corporate guys, but policemen.

Make no mistake though, this series is less about "cop stuff" than it is family and sexy romance. The three heroes in each book are the Morettis, a tight-knit family deeply entrenched in the NYPD.

Luc, Anthony, and Vincent are cops, but they're men first and foremost, and having them fall in love with strong, bold, supportive women was a really rewarding writing experience!

If you like trilogies about family, with lots of steamy sex scenes, this is the one for you!

  • These books are rated R and steamy.
  • They're written in the third person, alternating POV.
  • Each one can be read as a standalone, though it's recommended to read in order, as they do build on one another.

Behind the Scenes

Real talk! This is the only series/books I've written that weren't strictly my idea. Very (very!) early my career, the publisher of my first book (Only With You) went to my agent and said they were looking for an author to write a series similar to the TV show Blue Bloods.

They thought of me because the series would be set in NYC and I live here. What they didn't know is that I hadn't even heard of Blue Bloods. 😉

But I brushed up on the show really quickly, and thought: You know what? Yeah. Yeah, I can rise to that challenge.

Make no mistake, it was a challenge. The very nature of their jobs meant that the stories had a bit more "grit" than my other books, but I'm really glad I pushed myself. 

In fact, Cuff Me remains the book I am most proud of out of all my books. It was an Amazon Best Book of the Year, and I think it remains one of the richest, most nuanced, most deeply romantic stories.

About the Covers

So, the covers for Frisk Me, Steal Me, and Cuff Me that I show on this website are different than what you'll see on Amazon, Apple, etc.

That's because my covers are not the official covers. If you buy the books, you'll see a different cover entirely.

Confusing? Probably, but it's important to me that my covers are the first impression as often as possible because:

I don't believe the original publishers are representative of the stories. They are well done, with a custom photoshoot and everything, but they look like romantic suspense novels. I do not write suspense. These are not suspenseful novels. I think the original covers are misleading in that way. 

These are sexy romantic comedies with lots of sexual tension, family banter, and very little in the way of mystery, especially in Frisk Me and Steal Me.

For clarity, I show both versions of the covers below.