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Six Pages Every Author Website Should Have

April 9, 2022

My husband and I had a once had a website design company specifically for authors. We’ve since closed Last Word Designs to focus on other projects, but after creating and launching dozens of author websites, not to mention maintaining my own, here are the six essential pages to get started


I’ve noticed that a lot of my web clients called the homepage the “landing page.” Whatever you want it call it, it’s the “first” page that someone comes to when they type in your URL. You can set any page to be the homepage, but generally authors will use the homepage to promote their most important “thing.” Either their new book, next book, or their newsletter. If you’re a new, not-yet-published author, I recommend using your homepage to feature you (a tagline of what you write) as well as a newsletter sign-up so you can start gathering email addresses. A nice stock image can also be a way of conveying your brand to new visitors; a steamy photo if you write romance, a dark cityscape if you write urban thrillers, a mystical element for fantasy authors, etc.


Also sometimes called the “bio” page, this is where you should have your headshot and a paragraph about who you are and what you write. You can add more content if you want: casual introduction of yourself, trivia about you, fun photos, social media links, but at the bare minimum for your about page = official bio + headshot


Include either your email address, or your agent’s contact information. Website platforms such as Squarespace also make it really easy for you to have a form on your contact page for people to fill out if they want to send you a message. You never know when someone may want to interview you, or your local newspaper is looking for writers to feature!

This is also a good page to add social media links.


This page should simply be called “Books” and it’s where you will list all of your books. Even if you only have one book, plan ahead and treat this page as though you already have multiple books. In other words, don’t list all of your lone book’s details on this main Books page! Just include the title and cover, and have it link to:

Book Page

This is the individual book page. Every book you write should have its own page with the book description, the cover, and buy links. Other content you may want to add: excerpts, accolades, and bonus content such as trailers, playlists, or deleted scenes. It’s essential that every book have its own page so that you have a place to link to from social media, your newsletter, etc.


A lot of authors rely on social media as a way to tell their fans about books. I think this is a mistake. For starters, organic reach of social media is low. As little as 2% of your followers may see your post. Even if you pay to “boost,” it’s not shown to 100% of your followers. Also, social media posts become outdated the moment they go live. Yesterday’s book release is tomorrow’s “old news.” Lastly, social media platforms come and go, their popularity wanes over time. Email is pretty stable—most people have email, most people check if fairly regularly. Start a newsletter subscription now to start gathering sign-ups, if you don’t plan to send email in the immediate future.