Hello, fellow writers!

And you lovelies who want to be writers!

When I was first starting out my writing career, I used to spend hours scouring the websites of published authors looking for advice, encouragement, their writing process, and any glimpse I could get into what it was like to actually be an author.

I promised myself that when I became a published author (always when, never if, there’s your first tip right there—think positive!!!), that I would make sure to share my knowledge with those who were just starting out.

I’ve kept that promise! I have dozens of writing related posts, as well as several talking about the “business side” of being an author on my blog. (If you scroll to the bottom of this page, you can see a list of the most recent writing related posts!)

Have a specific question, or looking for some advice? My fellow writers get direct, special access to me using the email address below. Depending on my own writing schedule, I can’t promise a timely response, but I do my best to reply to ever note:


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