The Three Best Things About Evernote

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I feel about Evernote the way some people feel about Pumpkin Spice lattes:

Weird, obsessive, crazy-eyed in love.


I also talk about it to anyone who will listen, so I get a lot of, “What is it?”

I reply that it's a note-taking app.

And then people are like, “Okay, yawn. What’s so great about it?”

Well. Well, well, well. Let me tell you:

(1) It can be used for for anything.

Evernote’s own website self-describes as this:

Meet Evernote, your second brain. Capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere. 

Well done Evernote marketing team, because that is the perfect description.

Evernote really does feel like my second brain, where I can literally just dump stuff that my first brain can’t quite keep sorted. 

What kind of stuff? Any stuff.

Text, images, links, tables--you can even use the camera from within Evernote to scan a business card, and it pulls out all the relevant info for you. 

Some of my notes are long blog posts, even fully book synopses. Other notes are one sentence, even one WORD.

It’s where I store all the stuff that my real brain can’t remember. Here’s a random list of everything that’s in Evernote:

  • grocery lists

  • pictures of receipts

  • dog vaccination info

  • book title ideas

  • details on upcoming signings/conferences

  • book ideas

  • hex codes for web design projects

  • book outlines

  • potential character names

  • book soundtracks

  • recipes

  • manuscripts (I upload all of my final Word Doc manuscript there as extra backup and quick reference)

  • style sheets

  • flight information

  • wordcount tracking

  • random articles I come across on the internet and want to reference later

  • contact info for when I meet someone and we don’t have business cards

I don’t get fancy with it. I just hit “new note,” type something, close the note, and it’s there if/when I ever need again. No filing, organizing, filtering required (though I am a huge fan of their tags, which I’ll save for another blog post!)

(2) Anyone can use Evernote. 

Unlike Ulysses, my beloved Mac-only writing program, Evernote is open platform. Meaning, you don’t have to have a Mac or iPhone to use it (although they have great apps for all the Apple devices). It can be used on Android devices, Windows devices, PCs, MacBooks, etc.

And if you don’t like “installing” stuff, your Evernote "stuff" can be accessed via any internet browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc), and is very user-friendly!

(3) You can access Evernote from anywhere.*

No matter your digital ecosystem of choice (I’m an Apple-loyalist myself), Evernote syncs seamlessly among devices. I can type my grocery list on my laptop, then go to the grocery store and access the same list on my phone while shopping. I can have a random story idea while out to dinner, jot it in Evernote on my phone, and later when I’m back at my computer, I can pull up the idea and flesh-it out a bit before sending to my agent.

And though I can’t really imagine a scenario where I’d be without my laptop, iPad and/or phone, it gives me peace of mind to know that even if all those items went up in flames, I could access my notes from any old computer at the library, or re-install my notes exactly as I left them on replacement devices. 

* The basic FREE plan syncs across 2 devices. Their paid plans (there are currently 3 tiers) syncs across unlimited devices.

Convinced yet? Click the below button to give it a shot.

(no affiliate link or kick-back, just good old-fashioned sharing something I love!) 

Try Evernote

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