2018 Preview: LL takes on Wall Street

21 Wall Street by Lauren Layne

I’ve been rather quiet on my 2018 book release schedule, because it’s been more in flux than I’d like.

That’s still the case.

One thing that is certain ...

I’m launching a brand new series, called:

21 Wall Street

I’ve already mentioned it a bit in the now defunct weekly newsletter, but I haven't wanted to share details until things became more "firm." 

Darlings—we’re officially a go, which means ... I can tell you all the things!

The things:

It’s a two book series.

Though, I have major hopes of it turning into three books, as there’s a third hero named Kennedy Dawson, who’s wonderfully grumpy and upper-crust. Also, he has dimples and glasses and thus needs his story told, right?!



It’s about guys in suits.

Oh, what? You want more info than that? Okay, it’s about hot, playboy guys in suits. As a cheeky nod to The Wolf of Wall Street, the men at the center of the series work at Wolfe Investments. They're the classic millionaire bachelors who love women, one-liners, whisky, and work. Their life is good. Then I come in and turn their carefree lives upside down by dropping The One in their path. Sexual tension and banter ensue.


It will be available in print! 

I can practically hear the squealing! Oh wait, that’s me. Seriously though, the most common comment/question/complaints I receive are about the fact that so many of my books are digital-only. I’ve been listening, I promise! I do still have two books in 2018 that are e-book only (but they’re SO fun, you won’t care, I promise!) However, going forward, I’ll be doing my best to ensure that those of you who love to read physical books can read LL books as well. So yes, both the Wall Street books will be available in paperback!



It will also be available in Kindle Unlimited!

This is my first series published with Montlake, an imprint of Amazon Publishing, which means … you KU readers will finally have access to a couple of Lauren Layne books! The slight downside of this is that the e-book format will only be available on Kindle (or the Kindle app on your iPhone/tablet,etc!), and not iBooks or Nook. BUT … non-Kindle users, don’t give up on me! You can still get the print version from Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, etc! 


The first book will be out in May 22, 2018.


The countdown for Hot Asset begins!


The second book will be out in Fall 2018.

Hard Sell will hopefully be released September, but brace yourself for it to be October or November, depending how my deadlines go 😉


I don’t have a cover yet. Or pre-order links yet.

But ... marketing conversations have been underway, and I’m so excited about the direction we’re taking! And I'll post links as soon as I have them!

Sneak Peek:

Now, a bit about book one …

Hot Asset is done and turned in (*chugs champagne*), and I can tell you that … um, it’s so fun!!!! I’m so so so so proud of it. Oh, what’s that, you want to know what it’s about?


Okay, so, the hero: Ian Bradley, city’s favorite playboy. Charming, insanely good-looking, wildly successful despite a rough childhood. Life’s coming up roses (and booze) for him, when WHAM … he finds out he’s accused of insider trading. A major, illegal no-no. He knows he’s wrongfully accused, but Lara McKenzie doesn’t know that — and it’s her job to find out the truth. A smart, sassy SEC-agent with FBI aspirations, Lara’s determined to get her man. And she does … just maybe not in the way she thinks!

Here’s a look of the not-yet-final version, so please pardon any typos!

Excerpt from Hot Asset

When her gaze slides back up to mine, I’m expecting the admiring smile I usually get from women, but she looks …
Which leaves me feeling off-balance. So off-balance, that instead of a smooth pick-up line, I find myself nodding at the machine on the counter. “You need help with that?”
Her eyebrows lift. “Do I need help with what? Pushing buttons?”
You can push my buttons any time.
Her eyes narrow, and I get the sense she’s read my unspoken words and found them lacking. I’m annoyed. And intrigued. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a challenge.
I ease a step closer to her, moving toward the espresso machine. She doesn’t get the least bit flustered by my proximity, so I lean against the machine, patting the top of it with my hand. “Just say the word. Happy to mansplain this to you, little lady,” I say with an exaggerated drawl.
She responds in kind, fluttering her eyelashes, the glasses making the gesture even more mocking. “Oh, could you?”
I smile, enjoying this more than I should. “What are you drinking?”
I roll my eyes. “What kind?”
“Caffeinated,” she says, pulling out one of the company mugs, setting it beneath the spout, and punching the drip coffee option.
“Boring,” I declare.
“Classic,” she counters.
I give her a slow smile. “I’m headed to Starbucks. Let me buy you a real drink.”
She lifts her mug. “I’m good with this.”
“You could be better with something else,” I say, lowering my voice.
She surprises me by laughing, and not a flirty, breathless laugh but an at me laugh. “Seriously? Do these lines usually work for you?”
“Honestly?” I give a small smile. “Yeah.”
“Well…” She sips her coffee. “Let me know when I’m supposed to fake the swoon.”
You wouldn’t be faking anything with me, sweetheart.  
I reach out my right hand. “Ian Bradley.”
She ignores the hand and nods. “Nice to meet you.”
I lean forward and whisper, “This is the point where you give me your name.”
She leans forward and whispers back, “This is the point where you take the hint I’m not interested in what you’re offering.”
Challenge accepted.

More info to come! 

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