FAQ: Will there be more books in the New York's Finest series?

Friday FAQ

“Will there be more books in the New York's Finest series?”

Over the course of my career, this is one of the most common questions I’ve gotten. Second, only to , “Why are some of your books e-book only?”

I’ve answered both a million times, the queries in my Instagram message folder tell me I’m due for a refresher!

I understand the confusion of the New York’s Finest series, or at least the hope of future books. I will fully confess in the third book in the series (Cuff Me) I hinted hard that Elena and Marco might get their respective stories told.

I hinted hard, because at the time, I really believed that they would. While the publisher only bought three books, there was an understanding if the books did well, the series would continue, and I should leave it open for possible expansion into a larger series.

Alas. Despite all three books in the series getting starred reviews from Publishers Weekly, the books didn’t sell quite well enough to warrant a compelling offer for future books.

For the longest time, I’ve taken the stance of, “Probably not, but you never know!” I wanted to leave it open in case the books all of a sudden took off, or I felt really inspired to tell the stories on my own as self-published stories.

But. It’s been nearly three years since Cuff Me released, longer than that since the first two in the series, and it’s time for me to admit fully, to myself, and to readers:

No, I will not be writing Elena and Marco’s book. No more maybes. A firm no. I don’t want to lead anyone on or create false hope.

For awhile, those stories were quite clear in my mind, and I really did think some day! I even toyed with writing a bodyguard series spin-off. But too much time has passed, and I’ve lost the excitement for it. Or rather, too many other story ideas have come into my mind sense than that I’m more excited about.

Thank you, though, readers for your enthusiasm for Marco and Elena. I’m delighted some of you love the Morettis enough to want to know what happened to the whole tribe.

Rest assured. Happily-ever-afters all around.

If you haven’t read New York’s Finest, here they are! The covers look quite different than my other books, but rest assured that they are rom-coms, not suspense.

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