Author Life: My 2019 Goals

Every December, I do something called Life by Design, which is my annual reflection workbook where I look back at the year that just passed. I celebrate the wins, asses the things that didn’t do so great, and take stock of where I am with my life, and what I learned that year. If you missed it last week, you can see an overview of my 2018 here.

This week, I’m showing you the other part of my annual reflection … planning for the year ahead.

LL’s 2019 Goals

How I came up with my goals

I’ll start by saying that my goals were pretty influenced this year by a book called The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone. My husband started listening to the audiobook towards the end of 2018, and it entered our conversation often enough that I decied to give it a shot myself. I’m glad that I did. It’s not a fit for everyone, but it gave me plenty to think about.

My biggest take away, and something you’ll see reflected below …

Cardone suggests that we often fail at goals, not because they’re too big, but because they’re too small. The bigger, the juicier, the more inspiring the goal, the more likely we are to put in the time and effort to get there. Which leads to the second part of his message:

You’ve got to work your ass off. You’ve got to work harder, better, faster than anyone else. You’ve got to increase your goals and your effort tenfold (hence, The 10x Rule).

At first I thought the whole idea of it seemed both gimmicky and obvious (of course you should work harder if you want to achieve big goals), but once I listened to what he actually had to say, I felt the most motivated I had in years. True to Cardone’s suggestion, by making many of my goals fairly outrageous, I’ve found myself making faster, better progress than ever before, and it’s only January 14th!

Honestly, I feel like I drank some sort of weird cult Kool-Aid or something, because I really have been all about this approach!

Full disclosure that the above link is an Amazon affiliate link, but I swear I’m not on Cardone’s payroll or anything, I’m just a genuine fan of this message, and the idea that the bigger the goal, the more describe it is, and the more desirable it is, the harder we’ll work for it!

The Goals

100k Monthly Visits to my website from Pinterest

If you guys have been hanging around the blog lately, you know I’m big on Pinterest! It was a huge ah ha moment for me last year, and coming into 2019, it’s a key part of my marketing strategy. My Pinterest goal for 2019 is to drive 100,000k visits to my website from Pinterest in a single month. I don’t care which month, and of course I’d love to hit it more than one month, but this give me something specific and ambitious to work towards.

To be in the best physical shape of my life

This is one area where 10x really influenced the nature of this goal. After a relatively sluggish 2018 (and some accompanying weight gain), I knew that i wanted to get back to moving more, eating less, and overall just feeling a bit better. I learned last year that a very precise fitness goal (run a 5k in under 30 minutes) didn’t motivate me at all. And I’ve learned in years before that that neither do I particularly stick with goals like, “work out at least 4 times a week.” This year, I’m trying something different. I’m not worried about exercising more often, running faster, eating better. I’m interested in doing all of the above in order to “be healthier than I was last year,” but to be healthier than ever before. As far as those fretting that this isn’t a measurable goal (usually considered a requirement for proper goal setting), it’s measurable. It’s my body. I’m pretty in touch with it. I’ll know.

A home office

Not just a dedicated desk. An office. I want a desk, a chair, a champagne cart, fresh flowers, guest chairs to sip champagne and have interviews, a bookshelf filled with Lauren Layne books, and Coco Chanel quotes on the walls. This will require a bigger apartment (I live in a one-bedroom currently), or keeping the 1-bedroom as my living space, and renting a studio apartment in my building to serve as the office space (more common than you think for the NYC self-employed or remote workers). Of all my goals, this one is probably the most ambitious because I live in Manhattan where real estate is frightfully expensive. Without getting too specific on money, let’s just say that being able to afford my own office space will require a lot of hustle.

100,000 Instagram followers

This is actually a pretty cut-and-dry 10x example! My original goal was to have 10,000 Instagram followers. This has been my goal for awhile (I want that “swipe up” feature from Stories, damn it! My husband challenged me. “What if you 10x-ed that goal.” 10,000 x 10 = 100,000 followers. At first I laughed. Yeah right. That’s huge. But you know what? The second he’d planted the seed, my brain immedietely got to work on it. I immediately started thinking of everything I’d have to do, and wanted to do, in order to make that happen. Not to mention, when I thought about I really want, is it to be a midlist author with 10,000 followers? No, of course not. I want to be a superstar author with hundreds of thousands of followers. Why wouldn’t that be my goal?

Read 20 Nonfiction books

This actually isn’t a 10x goal. I came up with this goal before I read 10x, and when I was like, “Should I read 200 nonfiction books?” I thought … nah. It didn’t excite me. Twenty nonfiction books feels right for me. Why nonfiction? I’ve always loved it, but I made almost no time for it last year. As a result, I’ve had the uncomfortable sensation that my brain is turning to mush. I miss learning things, and I miss feeling like my brain is growing instead of just chugging along on a comfortable diet of FRIENDS reruns and Regency romance. I’m not planning to ditch the FRIENDS reruns or Regency romance. I’m just adding some protein alongside the dessert course.

Curious about my 2019 theme word? I’ve already announced it on Instagram, but I’ll be giving the full rundown on the blog next week, so be sure you’re signed up for the newsletter to get a weekly round up of my posts!

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