FAQ: Will there be a sequel to Blurred Lines?

Today’s reader question:

Will there be a sequel to Blurred Lines?


I actually love how often I get this question. It tells me you love Parker and Ben as much as I do! I figure it’s my bestseller for good reason!

Alas, I’ll be very candid here:

I wrote Blurred Lines as a deliberate standalone (not part of any series), and I have have never wavered in that intention. As such, there will not be a sequel to Blurred Lines, Walk of Shame, Good Girl, Love Story, or any of the other standalone books.

It’s not because I don’t hear you guys, it’s not becuase I don’t understand the desire to revisit beloved characters. It’s because I know I couldn’t do a sequel justice. Why? Because I myself don’t really like sequels, and I believe it’s very hard to do something well that you yourself don’t particularly enjoy! I often hear the advice “write what you know.” I don’t relaly believe that. I say “write what you love.”

So, why don’t I love sequels? It’s because I know from storying study craft, a good story must have conflict. That goes for sequels as well. In order to show Parker and Ben after The End of Blurred Lines, I couldn’t just show them day-to-day in their happy-ever-after with no ups and downs. You guys might think you want that, and maybe some of you do! But the truth is, there’d be no tension (because they’re already together), and tension is what makes a story compelling. It’s what keeps us turning the pages.

Have you read the Twilight series? Fifty Shades of Grey? Note that in both series, the authors didn’t just let the characters have a smooth sailing love after teh first book. They had to continually bring them together and then tear them apart again in order to keep the story interesting again. They did it well! It’s just not what I intended to do with Blurred Lines.

And to be honest, I don’t want to see Ben and Parker with problems. I don’t want to insert some sort of new conflict into their lives. They worked really hard for their happily-ever-after. I worked really hard for their happily-ever-after. I want to leave them right there in that happy place.

FAQLauren Layne