The hair product that made me want to weep with joy

Yes, this post is a bit of a departure from my usual topics here on the blog, but Sundays are my "free day" to post about whatever the heck I feel like talking about.

And today I'm talking about a product that, um, sort of feels like it changes my life.

This Revlon gizmo that's a combination of a hair dryer and a round brush.

Maybe you already know those exist, or maybe you're like me when I first saw the advertisement on Instagram and are like whaaaaaaaaat?

So, here's what happened. You know how sometimes you see an advertisement for something and are borderline creeped out, because it's like they know you? Such was the case for this product. My hair is, um, the pain in my ass. It's fine, but there's a lot of it. It's long. It's naturally curly. It's color-treated to cover my grays. All of this translates to: my hair is incredibly frizzy.

It can be tamed. That's one of the upsides of it being so fine, it straightens relatively easily. But, again, because there's a lot of it, it takes awhile. 30 minutes or so, and that's with my hair being just past shoulder length. When it was longer, it would take close to an hour.

So, yeah. Any time anyone promises faster, better blow dry results? I'm gonna be clicking that.

So, I clicked, but I was skeptical. I've gotten my hopes up a lot, and have yet to really find any true miracle products. Mostly I just make do with a round brush, a high quality hair dryer, and some sort of smoothing product. It's no miracle combo, but I'm 35 years old, and I've learned how to manage my hair. Mostly.

So, imagine my surprise upon clicking this link, and instead of finding a bunch of "this is BS" reviews, I saw thousands of 5 star reviews. I stalked them all. I scoured the reviews for people whose hair seemed "like mine," becuase honestly if this worked on your already straight hair, I DON'T CARE. But, time and time and time again, even among the curly-frizzy girls, they kept saying the same thing: game changer.

So, I caved. I bought it. And even with all the hype (or perhaps because of it!) I took the thing out of the box with trepidation yesterday.

My first impression:

If this even remotely works, it'll make traveling a hell of a lot easier.

For all the "problem hair" reasons listed above, I can't get by with the flimsy little hair dryers provided in hotels. They're not hot enough to close the hair cuticle, and not powerful enough to tackle The Beast. So I'm forever having to pack my full-powered hair dryer, and my big round brush. It takes up half the suitcase!

But this handy little thing was light, and not that much bigger than my regular hairbrush alone. I immediately started having fantasies about how, if this worked out, I could have room for an extra pair of shoes in the suitcase where the hairdryer used to be.

I put my usual styling product in my hair, and divided my hair into 2-3 inch sections the way I usually do when I blow it dry.

After the first section of hair was dry, I kid you not, my heart started to pound. Because it had taken just a few seconds. Maybe 3 or so passes with this little blow dry gadget, and it was dry. And smooth.

Trying not to get too excited, I repeated the process on the other side, the section by my left temple, which is super fly-away. Same thing. 3-5 passes with this thing and it was dry. And smooth.

I repeated the process with the remaining sections of my head, thinking the entire time, "O.M.G."

You guys, I dried my hair in under five minutes. My curly, frizzy, plentiful hair. Five minutes. Instead of the usual 30 minutes. And it looked good. Really good.

Have I had smoother results in a salon? Sure. Have I gotten better results on a good hair day with my other hair dryer when I really take my time and do tiny sections? Maybe.

But again, considering the ease of this and speed of this? I am pretty damn impressed. Not to mention, this was only my first time! I'm sure as I better get the hang of it, I'll get even better results.

Also, it's worth mentioning--the built-in brush thing is actually oval instead of the usual round. I'd read that this was intentional, because the oval shape was better for getting it close to your roots, and I was like, "Sure, whatever."

No, they're right! This thing is really well thought out and easy to use.


Do I recommend this? Absolutely I do. You can see the picture of me here on the day I used this device. This is several hours after I dried my hair, and it's still looking pretty good (again remember that my hair is SUPER FUZZY naturally). This is also I’d walked three miles. Outside. Trust me, this is about as good as my “weather sensitive” hair has ever looked after being “in the elements” for a prolonged amount of time.


You knew there was a but!

There is a downside of this little device While overall this is an A+ product in terms of delivering a good and fast blowout, it is freaking loud. Painfully so.

I thought it was my imagination at first, and I'd just gotten used to the quieter whir of my high end blow dryer. But then my husband came into the bathroom and with a worried look said, "I don't mean to sound like your mom, but are you sure that thing is good for your hearing?"

No. In fact, I'm pretty sure it's bad for my hearing.

But will I be giving it up? No. No I will not.

I just bought ear plugs :-)

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