Sneak Peak: Huge Deal

Sneak Peak: Huge Deal

Only five weeks to go until Huge Deal!

Kennedy and Kate's story will be here on February 12th. In the mean time, here's an early look.

Kate’s eyes narrowed slightly. “Maybe she just wants to be my friend.”

Kennedy tensed. He couldn’t say why the idea of Kate and his girlfriend becoming friends made him nervous, but it did. Which was irrational. Kate was friends with Ian’s fiancée, as well as Matt’s wife. Hell, Kate was going to be a bridesmaid in Ian and Lara’s wedding and had been one of only twenty people present at Matt and Sabrina’s surprise Vegas wedding just a few months earlier.

Not that Kennedy had plans to Claudia. It had been only two months.

He respected Kate a hell of a lot, even considered her a friend in a cautious, circle-around-each-other kind of way, but they’d always steered clear of each other’s romantic lives. And he did not, for one second, like the idea of his assistant and girlfriend gabbing about him in the conference room.

“Well, be sure she doesn’t get in the way of your work,” he said, choosing his words poorly, the way he often did around Kate.

Her eyebrows lifted. “Claudia’s not the one getting in the way of my work tonight.”

“Sorry,” he snapped. “I’m sure you had riveting plans.”

It was a low blow. He knew it even before he saw the flicker of hurt in her eyes. She whirled around, turning her back to him.

Damn it. Kennedy was known for acting with thoughtful precision in all things. Regret was not a particularly familiar or welcome feeling for him.

Apologizing was even more unfamiliar.


She opened her desk drawer and pulled out a set of headphones. She punched one end into her computer, holding the earbuds out to the side, prolonging the motion so he could see them tucking the earpieces beneath her hair.

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