FAQ: Would you ever write something other than romance?

It’s Friday, which means I’m tackling yet another commonly-asked question.

Today’s FAQ:

Would you ever consider writing something other than romance?


Well, caveat. I do want to write a memoir-style book some day in the general tone of Mindy Kaling or Tina Fey’s books, but in terms of fiction writing? No. I cannot even fathom writing a book where romance wasn’t the primary focus.

Even Passion on Park Avenue, which I understand my publisher is marketing as Women’s Fiction based on the cover (which I love), is primarily a romance. Or at least. I wrote it as such (with fewer sexy-time scenes, because I wanted the chance to focus on emotional connection, not just physical connection), but still, I pitched that baby as a romance.

The young adult I’ve published under a pen name is a set in a fantasy world, but it’s also about, wait for it … romance. And the dozen or YA ideas I have on my “to be written some day” list are first and foremost about the romance.

I’ve noticed non-romance fans don’t seem to understand this. Why wouldn’t I want to stretch my wings? Challenge myself? Try something different?

Well. Guys. I don’t want to try something different.

Also, until you’ve written a damn book yourself, how about not telling me to challenge myself? Writing is a challenge enough as it is, even when it’s in a genre that I love, much less one that I don’t.

And I love romance. I read a lot of nonfiction, but when it comes to fiction, I almost never read anything that doesn’t have a strong romantic element. It’s what makes me happy. It’s what I like to read. As such, it’s also what I like to write.

I’m not saying I won’t dabble in other sub-genres if the mood strikes me! I could see myself trying writing paranormal romance some day. I enjoy reading romantic suspense, so if I ever figure out how to be good at that, I might try my hand at it. And as mentioned above, I’ve dabbled in YA, and I’ve got a women’s-fiction/romance crossover thing happening with the Central Park Pact series.

But I’m pretty sure the romantic element will be at the heart of whatever I write. It’s what I love.

FAQLauren Layne