My Pinterest Secret Weapon

Actually, I lied.

It’s not that much of a secret weapon, considering it reigns king among so many successful Pinterest users. But I call it a secret weapon because when I first discovered it, it felt like a magical secret that had been missing my entire author career.

What is it?


What’s it do?

Schedules posts to Pinterest (if you don’t know why I think Pinterest is such a game changer for authors, read my post here).

(it can also be used to automate your Instagram account, though I’m currently using Planoly for that)

Why is it so great?

Pinterest success is all about consistency—pinning one pin (though more is great) every day is so much more effective than pinning a hundred things on Saturday in terms of best cracking the Pinterest algorithm and getting more views.

With Tailwind, you can still batch do all your pinning on Saturday afternoon with a glass of wine while watching FRIENDS reruns, but Tailwind will auto-schedule all of those pins over the course of several days, instead of posting all at once.

And …

Just when I thought Tailwind couldn’t be any greater, they went and added their new(ish) SmartLoop feature, which allows you to schedule certain pins to loop (or re-pin/re-post) throughout the year. This is a great way to promote your backlist! You can ensure that your book pins are getting continually repinned to Pinterest without having to actively monitor them. Just set it up once via SmartLoop, and bam, one and done!

Is the above an affiliate link? Yes. Would I ever recommend something that I didn’t love? No.

Author CareerLauren Layne