Motivation Monday: Make Waves

I don’t know if it’s because my “shiny new year!” vibes are lasting longer than usual in 2019, or if it’s just where I am with my life, but I’ve been thinking big picture a lot lately. Not as much about what do I want right now, not what do I want this year, but what do I want for my life? What will they say about me after I’m gone?

And with that, what sort of person do I want to be?

One of my favorite quotes, and actually something I write on my planner every single morning:

Be the game-changer.

It’s a reminder that going with the flow doesn’t satisfy me, that playing it safe doesn’t feed my soul.

Today’s quote jumped out of me because it’s in that same vein.

At some point, you have to decide: Are you the person who tests the waters? Or the person who makes waves?

I’ve spent a lot of time being timid, the one who tips her toe in tentatively to every situation to make sure it’s okay. But the further I get in this life, I learn that the biggest rewards when we take the biggest risks, and the times I feel most like myself are when I’m kicking up sand, making waves, and veering off the beaten path.

Who are you?

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Motivation Monday
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