How to Make an Instagram Puzzle


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For the past few weeks, the most common question I keep getting from readers and followers is not about the books, but … my Instagram feed! Some of you have been asking:

How do I get all of my Instagram posts to connect together all fancy, like this:

I’ve put together a video that shows how I set up the whole process, but first, al little word of warning to those of you hoping to build a puzzle like this of your own:

You’re going to need Photoshop. You can sort of use Canva, and I talk about that a little in the video, but Photoshop is definitely going to get you the best result, and you can get a free trial here.

Fair warning, the program can be daunting at first—I avoided it for years. But lest you think you can’t learn, you can! I did! I taught myself some of the basics using free videos, paid online classes, and good old-fashioned practice and trial & error. It’s actually sort of fun to learn that way!

Video: How to Create an Instagram Puzzle

** How-To Video Temporarily Disabled, Apologies! **

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