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I can’t believe we’re creeping up towards the end of September! After what felt like an interminably long summer (I confess, I’m one of those obnoxious people who can’t wait for summer to be over), my beloved Fall season seems to be racing by!

Which means I’m a little late in sharing some of my favorite things this month, but hey, they’ll still be relevant in October! 😘


(1) Static Nails (polish)

I’ve been talking about change on the blog lately; both with me feeling like I’m on the ledge of a huge pivot in my life, and the resulting September theme word: reset.

Apparently, part of that is my “look,” starting with my manicure. I’ve always been pretty classic with my nail style. I tend to stick with reds, pale pinks, and for most of spring and summer, clear. But it feels a bit like I woke up on September first craving dark nails. And since I’ve never been one to spend time/money on professional manicure/pedicure services, I’ve been trying out a few new nail polish brands to break free from my old Essie rut. I decided to try out two brands that kept popping up on my Instagram and Pinterest feed. The first brand was a dud; took forever to dry, had dull color, and chipped almost immediately. It will thus remain unnamed, as I believe in promoting products I love, not publicly naming and shaming products I dislike. But the whole experience was negative enough that I was braced for the second choice to be a similar disappointment.

And I delighted to be wrong!

Static Nails has completely blown me away. I’ll be honest, I was more intrigued by the packaging than anything else. They come in teeny-tiny bottles based on their research that most women very rarely make it through an entire bottle of polish before it gets old. So true! Plus, let’s be honest, mini bottles of anything are just cute. Based on my craving for dark nails, I bought their Dark palette, and haven’t been disappointed. The set comes with a base coat, which miraculsously has prevented the usual yellow staining that comes with dark polish. But it’s the color itself that really wowed me. So far I’ve used only two of the colors, but both required only one coat to be completely rich-colored and opaque. It also dried quickly, and lasted nearly 10 days with only the tiniest chip, and that’s with me moving and camping during that time! The set also comes with a matte topcoat, which I haven’t tried yet (only used their regular top coat), but so far this is the best nail polish I’ve ever used.

And, huge bonus in addition to the amazing quality, the polish is non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. And they have “press-on nails,” which I haven’t used, because that’s not my thing, but the reviews are stellar!

Use this link to get $5 off your first purchase.

Affiliate disclaimer: I also get $5 for everyone who signs up, but Static Nails did not contact me about pimping their stuff, I discovered them on my own and just wanted to spread the word about how impressed I was.

(2) Gap Long Sleeve T-Shirts

New York is still flirting with summer temps, but between our recent camping adventures and cooler evenings, I’ve been slowly easing into some of my fall-wear, including The Gap’s Modern Long Sleeve Crewneck that has been a wardrobe staple of mine for years now. I’m not a regular Gap shopper by any means (not since my high school days), but I tried these on a whim on a hunt for “good basic t-shirts” and I’ve never strayed. The material’s thick enough to be flattering without being bulky, and they’ve washed impressively well for me.

My favorite thing is perhaps the fact that they come in Tall sizing. At 5’7, I’m not technically “Tall” on anyone’s size chart, but my absolute pet peeve is t-shirts that are too short. If I find myself tugging at the hem or sleeves, I get fussy. With this Gap tee, I order a Tall, Small and I’m able to toss these in the wash/dryer, and they can survive the usual bit of cotton shrinking and still fit my long arms perfectly!

(I always get these in black, but I’ve got my eye on the gray for fall as well)

Shop Gap Long-Sleeve Tee

Not an affiliate link, I just love these.

(3) Daily Harvest

Anthony and I try to be pretty healthy eaters. We’re no stranger to having a baguette and burrata for dinner, or ordering pizza when it suits us, but we’re also conscientious about making sure we get enough greens (spinach with our eggs for breakfast, salad for lunch, always a veggies for dinner, etc).

One area I’m horrible at? Fruit. I don’t really like sweet anything, and that applies to fruit as well. Give me a bowl of berries, or a few grapes , and I’ll eat them for the sake of the antioxidants, but I’ll be grimacing a bit as I do it.

Enter Daily Harvest.

A smoothie-delivery service that gives me everything I need to put together a nutrient-filled smoothie without keeping 800 bags of frozen fruit and what not in my freezer? Bring it. Basically, you choose how many smoothies you want to be delivered in a given time period, pick your flavors, and then on Thursday you get a box of little ice-cream sized cartons to be stored in your freezer. When you’re ready to consume, just fill up the carton with a liquid of your choice (I always do water, though they recommend almond milk for some of them), dump in the blender, and a minute later you have a truly tasty smoothie, without having to do any thinking on the ingredients.

Even my fruit-hating self loves them 🙂

My favorites are Mint Cacao and Strawberry Peach, though Ginger & Greens is delicious if you like the spicy punch of ginger, and like me, don’t like things too sweet!

Fair warning, it’s not cheap, but when I add up the grocery bill of what it would be to buy the frozen fruit, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc, separately, it’s made financial sense for me (not to mention, the hassle and space saving!) And, I love that almost every flavor option has some ingredient I’ve never heard of, and wouldn’t have added on my own!

Try out Daily Harvest, and get $25 off your first box!

Affiliate disclaimer: I also get $25 for everyone who signs up, but Daily Harvest did not contact me about pimping their smoothies, I discovered the company on my own, and enjoy the entire experience enough that I wanted to share!

Bonus: Glamping!

This will only be applicable to those of you on the east coast and don’t mind a bit of nature, but we just got back from Firelight Camps, and had the most amazing time. Think sleeping outdoors in a tent, but also in a big comfy bed. Think no electricity in the tents so you can “unplug,” but also being able to use their charging station and wi-fi in the lobby tent if you need to get some work done and want to charge your phone to Instagram your trip. Think charcoal grills if you want to campfire-up your own dinner, but also complimentary breakfast, and a full bar. I’m already trying to figure out when we can go back!

Not close enough to New York to try Firelight Camps? Here’s a round up of other Glamping locations around the US!

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