5 Best Christmas Albums

5 Best Christmas Albums

I'm not a music expert. Usually.

Christmas music, though? I'm your girl.

Some years I make it to Thanksgiving before I start in on my holiday playlists, other years my husband's lucky if I even make it to Halloween!

I'm also an equal opportunity listener! Yes, I love the classics (Bing Crosby singing "White Christmas" always brings a smile), but I also in country, crooners, pop, acapella, instrumental, you name it, I've given it a shot! 

My list of favorites is forever being tweaked, but below are my current favorites (bonus: you can listen to all of them on Spotify!) 

Michael Bublé Christmas 

My obsession with all things Bublé remains strong and creepy. This is always my first "listen" of the season.

Warmer in the Winter (Lindsey Stirling)

New this year (2017) and totally fresh and delightful. Even if you don't think you love violin music, give this a shot!

Pentatonix Christmas 

(I'm cheating and linking to a playlist of all their Christmas songs, because I couldn't settle on which album was my favorite)

Life changing. Yeah, I said that.

Glow (Brett Eldredge) 

I confess that while I like country music, I don't love country Christmas music. This album's an exception. Come for the title song "Glow," stay for the rest.

Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas (Ella Fitzgerald)

Utterly iconic.

More holiday music goodness.

Check out my favorites of holiday favorites on Spotify (does this whole post read like a Spotify ad? I promise, I swear I get no kickbacks, they have NO idea who I am!)

Pour a cocktail and sing along!



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