LL Updates: April 2017

Is it just me, or does it feel like forever since I've written one of these?! I suppose it's because I was on the Weekly schedule for so long. Now that I have a full month in between, I feel a bit rusty! What do I talk about? What if they don't like me anymore? Do they know that I'm not wearing a bra, much less lipstick? 


Those of you who follow me on Instagram probably caught whispers of this--both in my fewer than normal posts, as well as the fact that when I did post, I used the word drowning to describe my mental status, but ...

March almost killed me.

I mean not really, but it was a rough one! For starters, I've never had so many deadlines. Based on my (crazy) publication schedule, I knew it was coming, so I should have been prepared. But, of course, while my writing schedule can be (and is!) planned months in advance, real life isn't nearly that tidy.

And real life slapped me in a big way. Nothing major, just all the little things, you know? It was a month, where in a perfect world, I would have isolated myself in a secluded mountain cabin and written all the words.

But we don't live in a perfect world, and stuff kept creeping onto my social calendar that wasn't planned when I set up my writing schedule. And because I'm not as good at saying NO as I should be (is anyone?!), my stress levels when from run-of-the-mill business to full on anxiety. With panic attacks.

Did you know I have anxiety? No? I didn't either until the past year or two, but ... it's there, always lurking. Like, we're talking shortness of breath, racing heart, jittery thoughts, an all consuming panic, usually over something I couldn't even identify ...

I'm oversharing. I know. I bring it up here only because I felt SO alone and broken while it was happening (thanks Husband and Lemmon, for talking me through it!). All I could think is that I'm not supposed to be this person. I'm polished and together and organized and yet here I was coming apart at the seams, and it was both terrifying and lonely. I don't want anyone else to feel that way! You're not alone, you're not broken. It's going to be okay. Talk to your doctor, talk to a friend, and remember to take really deep breaths.

Wow, okay, how did I get here?! AHEM, they're here for the book stuff, LL, get back on topic!!!! Right. So let's talk about books!

I have a new release in just a week and a half! More on that below, but if you're looking for the shortcut, it's called Walk of Shame, and you can read all about it and pre-order here.

For those of you in this for the long haul, let's continue! 



Newest Release

As I write this on Thursday, 4/6/17, Love Story is still my newest release! It came out in February, but March is one of the few months in 2017 where I didn't have a book out, so Love Story retains its status as "the new kid." 

If you haven't read it yet, it's okay! But you should :) It's fun and feisty, and I talk a lot about wine, so if that doesn't get you, maybe this will:


She was just heading back into the garage when Reece called her name.
 Lucy turned.
 “Same time tomorrow?” he asked with a grin, shoving his phone back in his pocket.
Lucy grinned back and nodded, hoping like hell that he’d never find out just how much seeing him had become the highlight of her week.
The highlight of her everything.

Website Redesign

I know. I KNOW. You're like, "You weirdo, you just did a new website."

Well, whatever. I did it again. Same branding, but a little bit new. Because that's what you do when you have a side-hustle of a web design company, you procrastinate on your writing duties by fiddling with your website fonts!

I'm not going to link to it here, because I want you to keep reading the Monthly, but when you're done, check out my homepage image, because um, it's adorable.

New Release - Walk of Shame

As mentioned, Walk of Shame is RIGHT around the corner (April 18, 2017)

I told you guys last month that Lauren Blakely read and loved it, which made my entire decade. Since then there's been more and more feedback coming in, and look, I don't want to brag, except I kind of do, and ...

I love Walk of Shame, and if you like happily ever after, or the movie Enchanted, or slightly-socially-awkward alphas, you need this book in your life.

Refresher: It's about a spoiled, but huge-hearted heroine who loves nothing more than pushing the buttons of the buttoned-up divorce lawyer who lives in her building. It's enemies to lovers, it's opposites attract, and it's banterific (yes, that's a thing!).

Book Announcement & Cover Reveal

I let it slip on Facebook a couple weeks ago that ...

I have one more previously unannounced LL book coming in 2017!

It's a holiday story! Not a novella, as the Christmas stories so often are, but a full-length LL book, complete with all the laughs and swoons

It's called An Ex for Christmas, and it'll be delivered to your cute little e-readers on December 5, 2017 if you pre-order! Kindle  •  iBooks  •  Nook  •  GooglePlay  •  Kobo  

What's it about? It's a friends-to-lovers story about a superstitious heroine who learns from a fortune-teller that she's already met her one true love. In order to find out who it is, she sets out to reconnect with all of her exes over the winter break.

The one person not on board with her plan? Her best friend Mark who's been sitting on the sidelines years, but this Christmas, he's determined to make her see that the right guy's been there all along ...

And the cover? I just got it last week, and I'm obsessed.

(PS: For those of you wondering if it's the same photo shoot/model as my I Knew You Were Trouble cover ... maybe? Probably? But who cares, because the guy is hot and the sass perfectly LL ;-) 

LL Life

Excuse me, 34? It's me, Lauren, and I'm coming for you.

Yes, that's right. I have a birthday next week! I turn 34 on April 14th (fun fact, I thought I was turning 35, and have been telling everyone that until Mr. Layne gently corrected me. So yeah, I'm not good at math, but ... cheers for gaining a year, back, right?!)

People are always weird about sharing their actual age, and ... I'm trying not to be? There's such an odd SHAME in getting older, especially for women, and I'm trying to do my part to nix that shit. Yes, my grays are coming in fast and furious, my metabolism isn't quite what it was when I was 22, I never get carded anymore, and I'm in my last year in the 25-34 age group in demographic surveys, but ...

I'm okay with that. Truth be told, I love getting older. I feel wiser, I feel more confident. Fatter? Sure. But I'm doing my best to age with grace. And hair dye. Don't tell me I can't have both, I CAN TOO!

(Also, ask me again when I'm turning 44, and I can't promise I won't suddenly be "29.") 

I'm too lazy to scan one of my 1983 baby pictures for you all, so instead I offer a disturbing flashback to my 18th birthday (picture below).

The girl on the far right is one of my dearest friends in the planet, Sarah (we've been best friends since 3rd grade when we bonded over the perils of curly hair). The guy on the far left would be Mr. Layne, looking tan and awkward at 17 (no, I so did not anticipate marrying that).

The guy between me and Mr. Layne is Joe (last name redacted to protect him from this)--a wonderful high school friend who shares my April birthday status.

And that mummy wrapped in crepe paper streamers? ME, ringing in 18 with soooooooo much sophistication. I think that's a green feather on my head.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

Release Schedule

Oh, what, you're still here, wondering about the books, which is why you signed up in the first place?

Here's all my upcoming releases!

Until May ...

Keep on.

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