Cover Reveal - Ready to Run

So excited to reveal the cover of Ready to Run, the first in the I Do, I Don't series! 

My publisher and I were absolutely on the same page for this cover, instinctively gravitating towards a cover with a very rom-com feel to it. Not to say this one still won't have plenty of The Sexy, but this story is making me grin as I write it, so I'm loving that the cover's flirty/sassy vibe is a perfect match for Jordan and Luke's battle of wills.

See, I love those dark/intense love stories as much as the next gal, but sometimes you just want to smile, you know? That's THIS book. It's totally channeling When Harry Met Sally, Runway Bride, While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal, and so on.

You can learn more about the series here, but the short version is that this series is The Bachelor meets Runaway Bride.

Book One kicks off with a city-girl associate producer for Jilted (a new reality TV show) heading to middle-of-nowhere (tiny town in Montana) to recruit a notorious runaway groom for her new show Bachelor-esque show. She ends up falling in love with the town, its quirky residents, and, well ... the guy.

Release Date :: August 22, 2017 

Buy Links :: Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo / GooglePlay 

The cover ...

Buy Links :: Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo / GooglePlay

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