LL Updates: December 1, 2016


Cheers to December!

Oh, what's that? I skipped last week AND this one's coming at you a little late in the day?


Here's my excuse:

Holiday season


That's the extent of my explanation. And let's be honest, it's only going to get worse. You'll be lucky to find me ANY day this month without glitter in my hair and champagne in hand.

I thought with the Weekly falling on Thanksgiving, I would for sure be able to at least get out a quick Happy Thanksgiving issue!

I had lofty goals of getting on the computer. Instead I spent the entire day with my family.

No regrets.

Because ... my parents were in town from Seattle!!! We had Starbucks holiday coffees, hit up the Macy Thanksgiving parade, had a wonderful dinner at West Bank cafe (our home away from home), and finished the evening in front of the Christmas tree with champagne.

So, no Weekly, but as you can see, it was for a good reason!

In the photos below, I present ... LL's parents! A doctor and a nurse, I'm pretty sure they're like, "Wait, we produced a romance author?!" but they're very supportive of their black sheep! And that cute blondie is my little sister, Allie!

(PS :: poor Mr. Layne doesn't have much of a presence, only because he's the best photographer of the group and was on the other side of the camera for most of these!) 

(PPS :: Yes, we're posing in front of a garbage truck in one of the photos. There's a story there ... that's for another day.)

What I'm Working On

Fact: Holiday season and deadlines always seem to go hand-in hand, so though I've been throwing myself full-tilt into champagne and Christmas songs, every spare minute's also gone into book stuff.

I turned in copyedits on Love Story on Tuesday, and oh my gosh, those of you who love second-chance romances are going to swoon over this one. Copyedits are supposed to be about me going through word-by-word checking for inaccuracies and funky phrasing, and I kept having to restart because instead I was just reading and sighing over the romance of Reece and Lucy's love story (you see what I did there?).

The second that was off to my editor, it was head-first into revisions for Walk of Shame which are due like ... now (waves nervously at editor, but avoids eye contact). 

Then it'll be back into new words, because Oxford #4's due, well ... not too far off. That's okay though because Nick Ballantine is turning out to be one crazy-hot hero, and I'm like, "No no, Ballantine, you do your alpha thing, I'll just type and swoon." 


Come hither, fellow planner nerds!

So. One of my most frequented pages on this website? Not my book stuff (blasphemy!) Nope, there are thousands of you who've flocked to my post on The Day Designer vs. The Erin Condren Life Planner (not linking to it here, because it's old news, which leads me to ...

For a long time, I've had this date circled as the Weekly issue where I was going to do a fun unboxing/reveal for a couple fabulous NEW players on the planner scene, but ...

Based on the crazy-planner interest, I've decided to postpone that just by the tiniest bit and dedicate an entire DAY of the upcoming eLLf Christmas to planners (the schedule is still in flux, but it's looking like 12/9 will be one to watch for your planner-addicts!)

Basically, I'm finding that the topic of planners is too BIG to restrict to The Weekly, so I'm blowing it out even bigger. It warms my little heart how many messages I get asking for planner-suggestions. Fear not. I've got you covered! 

I'll have videos, reviews, screenshots, comparisons, all helping you decide your BEST 2017 planner. 

AND ... I'll be giving away FOUR planners throughout eLLf Christmas, one of each of the following, all paid for out of my own [very cute] Kate Spade wallet :) (Kitlife, Tools4Wisdom, Day Designer, and Erin Condren) so be sure you're signed up! 

The wait is (almost) over

You all have Tuesday, December 6th marked on your calendar.



I've been waiting a long, long time to say this (as I know many of you have!), but ... Lincoln's story releases in just a couple days.

Someone Like You is ... well, most of you already know. It's special. In fact, even just typing this, I feel unexpectedly emotional, which is pretty much par for the course on this frigging book.

I love Lincoln, but also kind of hate him for making me cry. Twice. It's the most emotional thing I've ever written, but oddly some of the most fun. It can't not be with Lincoln and his affinity for pink drinks, and whipped cream on his coffee, and his purse-dog, but also the way he fills out a suit and, oh yeah, looks like this:

Hmm? What was that?

*drags eyes away*

Right. Someone Like You.

Okay, yes, I love the story so much, but *flips hair modestly* ... don't take my word for it, because: 

I'm SO EXCITED to announce that I just learned a couple hours ago that Amazon named Someone Like You a best book of the month.

That makes THREE of my books in 2016 that hit Amazon's "best of romance" lists (I Wish You Were Mine and Cuff Me were the others), and I'm just beyond flattered.

Also, while we've been mostly asking reviewers to stay a little bit quiet on this one to minimize any spoilers, Heroes & Heartbreakers released this lovely (and spoiler-free) first-look yesterday and reading it left me with a lump in my throat.


Now you're all thinking: what the hell, is LL just going to weep her way through December and Lincoln's release?


Okay, friends. 

I must leave you here. I know the Weekly's a bit shorter than usual, but ... it's because my editor's very patiently waiting for me to get back to my Walk of Shame revisions.

And because I have to get together two extra newsletters for next week ... one for Someone Like You release day (playlist reveal!) plus the launch of eLLf Christmas.

Which ... really, you should sign up for. There will be daily giveaways, gift guides, interviews with your favorite authors, recipes from Mr. Layne, holiday make-up looks, Christmas romance recommendations, and an entire day devoted to Stiletto & Oxford. Oh, and a FREE Christmas short story by ... Me.

So sign-up. Right now, darlings.

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