December 2019 Theme Word


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“Christmas is too sparkly. Said no one, ever.”

Let’s just get right down too it. My theme word for this month is delight.

I love that delight can be both a verb:

to take great pleasure in

And a noun:

a cause or source of great pleasure

If that doesn’t just about sum up what December should be all about, I don’t know what does!

I’ve always been a bit of a Christmas nut—more some years than ever, but even years like this one when I’m not decking out my entire apartment in red accents, there’s just a little something extra in the air, and I feel myself wanting to smile all the time.

So, what does delight look like for me this month? Well, a little different than any other year!

As much as I love December in New York (the Rockettes! the ice skating! the Rockefeller tree! Fifth Avenue!), I’ll miss most of it this year, as we’ll be spending December …

On the road?!

Yup, that’s right. We’ll be seeing how a bunch of different states do the holiday season this year. Our final destination is the west coast—we have family in California and Washington. But we’ve also been jonesing for a road trip, as well as to see a few new parts of the country in winter, so as of this Wednesday, we’ll be loading up our rental car and hitting the road, armed with audiobooks, Christmas music, and multiple weather apps to avoid bad weather.

As far as what’s on the plan—no plan! Well, that’s not entirely true. We do have a few places we definitely want to see: Death Valley, Utah’s gorgeousness, and Napa. But we’re prioritizing leaving plenty of room for spontaneity, adventure, and joy.

Which brings me back to that delight theme word. Things I’m looking forward to this month:

  • Chatting with my parents over morning coffee.

  • Cozy hotel rooms.

  • Snowflakes.

  • Gwen Stefani’s Christmas album.
    Twinkle lights.

  • Peppermint mochas.

  • Panera’s mac & cheese.

  • Champagne by the Christmas tree.

  • Christmas romance novels featuring dukes.

And perhaps, most especially, celebrating my little sister’s recent engagement, and spending Christmas with her fiancé for the first time!

Wishing you all a wonderful December! May your holidays be festive, and may you find a bit of delight in each and every day.


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