LL Updates: December 9, 2016

"Son of a nutcracker!"

Hey everyone! Yes, the Weekly's a day late again today, but if your guys' December's as busy as mine, I'm guessing you didn't even notice?!

Ah, December ... so magical. So ... exhausting.

I love this time of year, but I'll be honest, it's only December 9th and I'm already wiped. Most of it's my fault. I've thrown myself full-tilt into eLLf Christmas, and though I'm loving every second, it 's taken up a ton of time (it's also why this Weekly's a bit shorter than usual). It doesn't help that I'm a perfectionist that has to get my gold-glittery graphics jussssssst right.

On top of that, there's shopping, and holiday festivities, and friends and family coming to town, and the magic (and chaos) that is living in Manhattan this time of year. You guys get me, right?! Every single person I've talked to is in the same boat. So great and so busy! Like I said. Gotta love December ;-) 

Oh, and did I mention ... it's release week! Which is really the reason that I couldn't let myself skip The Weekly entirely this week (even though I'm dying for a nap). Lincoln deserves better. 

Read on for some behind-the-scenes details on Someone Like You plus some holiday highlights for those of you not subscribed to eLLf Christmas!



Someone Like You is now available!

I tried desperately to get together a "release day" newsletter blast on Tuesday, but couldn't find a spare hour anyway, so I'm making The Weekly do double duty.

Someone Like You launched on Tuesday, December 6th, but seeing as it was my pre-ordered book ever, I expect a lot of you know that! ;-)

You also all likely know that this book is near and dear to my heart, but I'm also so excited to see it wiggling its way into the hearts of others.

It got this glowing review from All About Romance, a starred review from Library Journal, and  Amazon named it a top romance of the month (an extra nice honor, since its brother book, I Wish You Were Mine, was also named back in February)!

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little relieved! I normally try really, really hard to just write the best book I can without worry about how it'll be received (writing a book in the attempt to please someone else is the fast-path to author breakdown), but at the same time I'm well aware of how high the expectations were on this one!

Just in case you haven't ordered yet and are looking for a little weekend treat ... 

Sneak Peek

I don't know why, but this is one of my favorite scenes from Someone Like You (and one that I can share that's not terribly spoilery).

Lincoln opened the closet door and pulled out her pink dress.

“I hung it up!” she said in surprise.

He lifted a teasing eyebrow.

“Or you hung it up,” she amended, fresh embarrassment running anew.

“If it makes you feel better, I turned my back while you stripteased your way out it.”

Daisy let out a horrified laugh. “I did not.”

“I can’t say for sure, what with my back turned and all, but there was quite a bit of humming of what seemed to be Britney Spears.”

Daisy groaned into the coffee. “If this mug were bigger, I’d try to drown myself.”
— Lincoln Mathis & Daisy Sinclair, Someone Like You

Someone Like You | The Playlist

(a little more moody than some of my other playlists--if you've read the book, you know why!) 



What LL's been up to

Well, I'd like to tell you that I've been deep in the writing cave, but so far December's been all about the business side of things. In addition to release week (which is always more time-consuming than I remember ... at what book in my career will I learn this?!), but it's not just that.

I've also been finalizing my 2017 publication schedule, and alongside that, figuring out what my writing schedule will look like. The short version? Busier. Even busier than this year, because I have ... wait for it guys ... seven books coming out next year. 

So far I've only announced three, all of which are already available for pre-order:

Love Story (Feb 14th)

Walk of Shame (April 18th) 

I Knew You were Trouble (June 13th) 

Which means that there are four more coming after that.

I'm going to be cruel and not tell you about them just yet, only because they're not yet up for preorder, and to tell you about them and not let you buy them would be even more cruel (you'll understand once you hear more).

So that's been happening.

But the most time consuming (and the most fun) has been eLLf Christmas.

I've talked about it on The Weekly before, back when it was more of a distant concept than a reality.

And it's a reality now, and while it's taken up almost all my time ... no regrets.

We're on Day Five, and if you're not signed up yet, you've missed out on the opportunity to win a Kindle, a Kate Spade gift card, Jessica Lemmon books, an Erin Condren planner and fabulous champagne flutes from Crate and Barrel.

I know! What were you thinking!!! ;-)

But don't worry, if you're not yet signed up, you still can, and be eligible for the rest of the daily prizes! (it goes through Dec 16th).

And even those the previous day prizes have closed, there's still some fun stuff, so hop over to take a look:

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This features LL's top 10 romances of the year! 

Day Two :: December in New York

Features a look at NYC around the holidays, movie recomendations, a book suggestion, and because no mention of New York and romance is complete without a look at the Stiletto/Oxford crew, I gave you a look as to what each couple is up to for Christmas. Spoiler alert: Lincoln's not wearing pants.

Day Three :: Jessica Lemmon takeover

This year will have 3 friends and family takeover days, and Jessica Lemmon kicked us off with giveaways, recipes and her agony over the fact that her husband snuck a Tiffany box into her stocking and she has to wait weeeeeeeeeks to find out what's in it.

Day Four :: eLLf actually

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Day Five :: Your Perfect Planner

That's today! And there's a video! of me!! Hop on over to see me review four AMAZING planners and help you figure out which is the right one for you in 2017 (or to give you gift ideas for someone else!) 

Someone Like You :: Behind-the-Scenes & Trivia


We've now reached the end of The Weekly, save for this section, and if you haven't yet read Someone Like You yet, you really REALLY don't want to read any further. Trust me. There are spoilers ahead. 

I repeat, spoilers ahead.

Close the window NOW if you haven't read Someone Like You!!!!!! 



Okay. Whew. Now that we've all read Someone Like You (right?!), let's ... talk about it! I know some of you have questions, and mostly there are just little things that I've been dying to tell you guys ;)

About Oxford 4 ...

I've mentioned for awhile now that you'll be meeting the characters for the Oxford spinoff (I Knew You Were Trouble) in Lincoln's book, and if you read my letter at the end of the book, you know that I'm talking about Taylor Carr and Nick Ballantine. Here's the thing about them: their sexual chemistry is off-the-charts, but they really do think they hate each other. This is no "I love you, so I pretend to hate you" love story. It's an enemies-to-lovers book in the truest sense of the word, and I'm LOVING it.

As far as how this happened? I don't even know. I think I've mentioned before that a long time ago, pre-Stiletto/Oxford days, I'd had this idea about a woman who works at a men's magazine and falls for a coworker. Then I put it aside, but kept thinking about it ... then, I (belatedly) was like ... wait, what if that magazine was ... Oxford? And considering the plot of Someone Like You required Lincoln to leave New York for awhile, I had the perfect opportunity to wiggle my hero right on into that world.


Those times I cried ...

I've told you guys that I cried TWICE while writing Someone Like You. The first time I've ever cried while writing. Some of you want to know which scenes those are, although I'm sure a lot of you can guess ;-)

The first was Chapter 12, when Lincoln finds out about Katie. I didn't originally plan for "the guys" to be around when he found out, but somehow they were just there and that scene wrote itself while I was in some sort of weird trance, and when I got done ... Katie was gone, Lincoln was a wreck, and I was ... crying. The bromance though. THE BROMANCE.

The second was Chapter 33 when Lincoln goes to the graveyard and says goodbye. I mean ... enough said.

(and if you read that far without having read Someone Like You and are cursing me right now ... I did warn you!)


The Easter Egg

In the nerdy world of coding, developers will sometimes drop "easter eggs" into a video game or piece of software that are hidden features or little bonuses. I sort of did an authory version of that in this book.

Anyone (other than the fab @elleasher) notice something intersting about Daisy's trip to Walmart when she picks up three books? One about a billionaire's fake engagement, one about a mayor falling for a female firefighter, and one about a Nashville country singer who hides out in rural Louisana?

That would be a very deliberate shoutout to Jessica Lemmon's The Billionaire Bachelor, Kate Meader's Playing with Fire, and my very own Good Girl :-) 


The heroine

Those of you GoodReads fanatics know that for a long time, there was a different blurb for Lincoln's book. That's because once upon a time, he had a different heroine! Her name was Victoria (I think), and she was a shy, nerdy Oxford copywriter who stole his heart. Or so I thought. See, I've always known every single detail of Lincoln's backstory. From the very second he appeared all those books ago, I was like, "Oh dear, you poor man." But while I knew him really well, it took me a little longer to realize what he needed. And it wasn't Victoria. He needed a kindred spirit. Someone who was confident and charming just like him, but also like him, had been dealt a nasty blow by fate. The second I was like, "Hmm, Daisy?" my writer brain was like. YES. YES YES YES.  And so. Dasiy it was! 


Okay, that's all I've got for now. I'm not even going to include a buy link for the book here, because I trust if you've gotten this far, you've already read it (and told all your friends about it, and written a review, right ;-) )


Until next week ...

(and don't forget to check out eLLf Christmas!

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