LL Updates: February 2017

Hello from Lauren Layne!

Hey guys! Welcome to the first ever LL-Monthly (it was formerly the LL-Weekly!) sent out a day late, because we all know that's sometimes how I roll! 

So, is it just me, or is January the month that just didn’t end?! Not that I’m complaining. After a whirlwind December, the slower pace was perfectly lovely.

But there’s just something about turning the page of the calendar to a fresh month with all those fresh possibilities.

Especially since I was really late to the party with my 2017 goal-setting. I’ve had a pretty good sense of the type of year I want 2017 to be, but it’s taken me awhile to identify what that actually looks like and how to break it down into measurable goals that will inspire action/change.

I finally zeroed in my goals, um, yesterday, which means that I’ve finally, finally achieved that new year/fresh start euphoria that eluded me all of January, ready to do All The Things.

More on my goals below. For now, let's get right to everything that's happening in LL land for February!



Book Releasing This Month

Love Story is out on February 14th!

It’s a second-chance standalone about two high school sweethearts who broke up after high school, and are thrown back together for a cross-country road trip, which of course, creates all sort of delicious forced proximity and sexual tension 😉

I’ve created an “Extras” page for it, with a trailer, playlist, exclusive excerpt and a mood board!

Pre-Order Love Story:

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Cover Reveal - Ready to Run 

In case you missed it on social media, my August release (Ready to Run) has a cover, and I love it! This is the first in my I Do, I Don't series, which is The Bachelor meets Runaway Bride series I’ve mentioned in recent months.

Book One is about a city-girl TV producer who heads to small-town Montana to recruit a notorious runaway groom/playboy for the new reality show she’s working on. Only he has no interested in participating, and the more she tries to talk him into it, the more she realizes that she wants him all for herself. (Also, this is my first firefighter hero, and I’m sort of alarmed by how much I’m swooning while working on it)! 

Kindle / Nook / iBooks / Kobo / GooglePlay 

RT "Best Contemporary" Nomination - Cuff Me

I was so excited to learn last week that Cuff Me was nominated for an RT award!

(I like to pretend this is the Golden Globes of the romance world, with the RITAs being the Oscars. or maybe it's the other way around? Either way I feel like buying a gown and sipping champagne!) 

It was the best kind of surprise—this book is one my favorite that I’ve ever written, but I feel like I wrote it so long ago, and I got sort of swept up in the Oxford and Wedding Belles world. I’m delighted to see Vincent and Jill’s story getting some love 😃 

What I'm Working On

Ready to Run

It's still very much in "first draft" mode, but here's a quick look at a recent writing session:

We’ll double the original offer.”

He didn’t even blink.

“Twice as much,” she said.

“Yes, I’m aware what double means, City Girl.”

“It’s a lot of money,” she said.

Luke took a sip of beer and said nothing.

Her eyes narrowed. “Do you even remember what the first offer was?”

“Didn’t forget. Never read it in the first place.”

She scowled. “I spent a lot of time on those emails.”

“Well, you wasted your time. I never made it past the second sentence.”


Luke moved so quickly she gasped when he stepped towards her, crowding her space. Her surprise had her rocking backwards, the spike of her heel sinking all the way into the grass and throwing her off balance.

He reached out quickly, a palm against her back steading her stumble even as he sent her heart racing.

“I’m only going to say this once more, City Girl, so listen up,” Luke said in a low gravel, his breath warm on her face. “I don’t care how much money’s on the table. I don’t care if your ‘hand picked’ women are all Victoria Secret models with degrees in neuroscience, who run charities in their spare time. I’m not, nor will I ever be interested in being a part of your show. So you can prance your high heels and your tight ass right back to New York City and leave me and my town in peace.”
— Ready to Run (8.22.17)

LL Life :: 2017 Goals

As mentioned above, I’ve finally figured out how I want to implement my theme word of “elegant” this year. Elegant to me means two things … the one most people think of, which is all classy loveliness.

But the other is defined as this: the quality of being pleasingly ingenious and simple

I'm interpreting that as getting back to basics, but in a smart and deliberate way.

I’ve got a little of both elegant definitions built into my Big Three for 2017

(1) Getting out of bed by 9am

And now you’re all thinking, “Wait, LL, aren’t you forever yapping about how you usually wake up by 5 or 6?!” 9am sounds downright indulgent. Yes. Yes it does.  Yes, BUT … for most of 2016, my schedule looked like this: wake up at 5am, grab coffee and laptop, and crawl back into bed, staying hunched over laptop writing until … well, way too long. It wasn’t all bad. I was wildly productive, and managed to release six full-length books and a novella with this routine. But it’s time to learn how to be as productive in a bra and mascara instead of an 8 year-old tank top from Old Navy.

(2) Write 100,000 words per month

This number probably doesn’t mean a lot to non-writers, but it’s … a lot. More than I’ve ever done before, but what are goals for if not pushing oneself, right?!

(3) Get a YA novel ready for publication

(Translation: YA = Young Adult/books for teens)

This one is actually part of what’s driving the 100,000 for month—in order to write YA and my contemporary books, I need to buckle down a bit, less wine, more writing. As far as why YA  Some of you know that while I was out on submission with agents back in 2011-2012, I “killed time” by writing a YA novel. The plan was always to do both; adult romance as Lauren Layne, and then teen books under another name. But then, the Lauren Layne brand took off, and I’m not complaining in the least, but the YA bug’s never really let go. There’s more flexibility in the genre, fewer rules to follow. Plus, I’m just going to come right out and say this … I sometimes like writing first kiss, hand-brushing, secret longing scenes more than I do the actual sex scenes. There’s not as much room for that sort of “holding back” in my current genre, so YA feels like a good way to get stretch my wings a bit!

LL Release Schedule

Since I get a ton of people continually asking for dates/titles of my upcoming books, I've decided to put my upcoming release in every issue of The Monthly. That way new subscribers are always in the loop, and if you miss an issue, you won't miss a book!

Reader Question


Will Finn and Vaughn from Good Girl be getting their own story?


With Good Girl’s recent $0.99 sale, this question’s seen a revival in popularity! Alas, no plans are in place for those books. I have a very clear sense of each story, but other stories have simply been louder in the urgency that is The Writer Brain. Maybe a novella or side-project some day, but please don’t get your hopes up 😃

For Writers - My Writing Journey

After much gentle and not-so-gentle nudging, I’m bringing back the “For Writers” feature to the newsletter—I was struggling to come up with fresh content when it was every week, but every month, I think I can handle (knock on wood).

This time I’ve got a very lengthy (be careful what you wish for!) look at my writer journey. And by journey, I mean a look at my path from voracious reader to wannabe writer, to published author starting at age … 0.

As mentioned, it’s a long one, so click at your own risk, only if you have a beverage, snack, and an interest in how authors are made 😃 

(will open in new window) 

Until Next Month

Next issue of the Monthly:  March 2, 2017

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