Five 30-Second Tips To Insta-Fancy

Five Tips to Fancy

Ever have one of those days where you wake up with a severe case of the blahs? Or develop a case throughout the day?

Maybe it’s a stress at work. Your toddler’s tantrum. You’ve got a zit, or your favorite pants are tighter than you remember, your hair's frizzy, or you’re just unidentifiably meh.

I get it. Sometimes I do everything right on Sunday. I meal plan, I visualize my perfect week, I jazz myself up for the week ahead, and then Monday morning rolls ahead and I’m just not feeling like the polished, go-getter girl boss I envisioned.

It happens. A lot.

The good news? It’s reversible!

Below are my simple, quick-fixes that immediately turn my mood around.

(1) Spritz your best perfume.

There’s a reason Coco Chanel and Maryilyn Monroe swore by perfume, and are some of the most glam icons in history.  I'm partial to Chloe, Chanel Chance, and anything by Elizabeth & James. 

Scent-sensitive, or work with people who are? Then, try ...

(2) Putting on an ultra-glam lipstick.

Yes, even if it’s for carpool or your Tuesday staff meeting. Classic red’s a no brainer to channel your inner confidence, but a bright coral, cheerful pink, or even the perfect nude will also do the trick. 

Lipstick is the most valuable weapon in a woman’s make-up kit. It has the power to transform the appearance and mood of the person wearing it, and, at the same time, arouses the admiration of everybody else.
— Monica Bellucci

(3) Wearing classically elegant earrings.

When it comes to jewelry, forget trendy. I love me some pearls. They’re classic, practical, and fancy, all rolled into a tiny white package. Very Holly Golightly. And while real pearls are lovely, they require quite a bit of care (they don’t like water, soap, etc, etc, etc). The fake ones are just fine! I got a 3-size set from Target for under $10.

(4) Buy yourself some fake flowers for your home or cubicle

Yeah, they feel like a splurge. But that’s kind of the point! Buying something pretty and fresh, just for you, just because tells yourself that you’re worth it. Your whole mood changes!

(5) Drink whatever you’re drinking out of a crystal glass

This is probably my favorite trick. I recently purchased some good-quality “every day” crystal glasses from Amazon, and I use them for everything from water out of the Brita, to my La Croix grapefruit, to Mr. Layne’s cocktails. They’re one of my favorite purchases ever (note: these glasses are small! I like how dainty they are, as they seem to make “special” drinks last longer, but you’ve been warned that they’re not “normal” cup size)


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