LL Updates: January 6, 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the first LL Weekly of 2017! 

And no, the Weekly won't be switching to Fridays this year, it'll still mostly be Thursdays. I'm just a day late. Hopefully not setting the tone of the rest of the year :-/ But I'm trying not to beat myself up about it (even though the anal-part of my brain (it's a big part) is freaking out because it's the wrong day!)

Anyway, soooo .... HOW HAVE YOU GUYS BEEN?!

I feel like I've been away from The Weekly forever, and was surprised to look at a calendar and see that I've only been gone a few weeks. Such is the nature of December, though, right? It both flies by and also somehow feels like a friggin' lifetime that we barely survive.

Or maybe that was just my month.

Since I've been a bit absent, the format of this Weekly will be just a touch different ... mostly me bringing you all up to speed on what the heck is going on in LL-land.

Annnnnnnnd ... I have a super fun, sort of huge 2017 announcement for you :)



Whats up with LL ...



I'm writing this Weekly from Seattle (well, technically University Place, which is where my parents live). A high school friend is getting married in Seattle on Saturday, and we decided to get into town a few days early to hang with family. It's also way colder in Seattle right now than New York right now, which makes the winter-loving-LL quite happy!

Website Redesing.png

Website Redesign

I've been redesigning my website. Not a major redesign--I've kept the same branding/logo, etc. But with a book coming out nearly every other month, it's sometimes a struggle to make sure people of all LL-exposure (newbies, dabblers, die-hards) can figure out what to read next.

Throw in the added struggle of recipients of NetGalley ARCs who get access to a book before I even start promoting it who start asking me about the next next LL book ... well , it's just no longer cutting it to feature "one" release on my homepage the way so many authors do. I'm trying to find a way to make it easier for people to find stuff.

So, is the website as pretty as it used to be? Not really. But hopefully it's more functional, with more "stuff" to click on.

And in the coming weeks I'll be adding a brand new "For Writers" section with some of my previous resources, as well as brand new content!

The Plague

In early December, Mr. Layne came down with some horrific cold/fever/flu monstrosity. He was in bed for daaaaaays. I was terrified it was coming for me, but then a week passed and I thought I'd escaped.

NOPE. Just days before Christmas, the flu knocked on my door and was like, "Knock knock, LL, TAG, YOU'RE DEAD."

I handled the sickness with grace and perspective.

NOPE. I did not. I made it through my body's betrayal only with the help of Sprite and irrational tantrums for a straight week. 

Really though, sucky time to be sick. I couldn't even get excited about Christmas, because though I was feeling better by then, I had missed an entire week of writing-time, and was really freaking out about hitting my Jan 1 deadline (I turned the manuscript in just a day late for the win).

And then in some sort of doomsday scenario, I had a relapse, and was in bed by 9pm on New Year's Eve. A fantastic December this was not, but no worries because so far January is shaping up to be pretty amazing.


I turned in I Knew You Were Trouble just a few days ago. WHAAAAT! This one came together very quickly, I suspect because I was fresh on the high of Someone Like You making the New York Times bestseller list, and it was a true joy to revisit those characters (yes, both Lincoln and Daisy make appearances in I Knew You Were Trouble!

10 Years, Baby!

The highlight of my December? Not Christmas, not New Years, certainly not the days in bed with the flu. Nope, the BEST part of my month was celebrating my ten-year anniversary with Mr. Layne. We're not usually big anniversary-celebrators, because at the risk of being saccharine, we have one of those super-romantic relationships where we have date nights a few nights a week just because (and have no hesitation over opening champagne on a random Monday afternoon just to celebrate life). Ten years though ... it was memorable. Why? One word and a half words:

Tiffany & Co. 

I got my first ever blue box with a gorgeous pair of earrings (I'll include a picture next week!) 

But no, that wasn't the best part of our anniversary. Our love was.


Here are some pics from our wedding 10 years ago. As I was flipping through them, I laughed out loud when I realized that my wedding colors were the rather original black and white (see, the cake below?!) Apparently I was LL even before I was Lauren Layne! 

Annual Planning

Due to all the "stuff" mentioned above, I'm a bit behind in my absolute favorite ritual: our annual planning session where we reflect on the year that passed and plan for the year ahead.

And I'm not talking about jotting a few "lose weight" resolutions on a piece of paper. No no. We have notebooks. Binders. Trello boards. Theme words. Quarterly check-ins. The freaking works.

I'll have more on that soon (hopefully) next week, but I've started dabbling with brainstorming of my 2017 theme (the pic included here is a hint!) and I'm feeling SO excited about it. Can't wait to share! 

But whatever, who cares, here's my really big news about 2017 ...




To bring everyone up to speed, up until today, I've announced three 2017 releases:

Love Story (standalone) :: February 14, 2017

Walk of Shame (standalone) :: April 18, 2017

I Knew You Were Trouble (Oxford) :: June 13, 2017


I've been holding out on you guys why I waited for a few things to become official, and am excited to announce:  

I have not one new book to announce, but THREE.

A brand new, never been talked about before series coming out back-to-back in later summer/fall of 2017. 



I've kept the goodness of this tight under wraps, and only 5 people outside of my publisher know about it, but it's time to unveil ...

I Do, I Don't 

The Bachelor meets Runaway Bride

Intrigued? Say yes.

Now, I don't have covers yet. And I only have pre-order links for Book Two (because technology is weird). I should have the rest of the preorder links by the end of the month, but I just couldn't wait that long to talk about it :) 

In the mean time I've got the series description, placeholder covers and book descriptions for you!

And here's the pre-order links for book two ... out of order, but we're flexible, right?!

Runaway Groom :: Kindle  •  iBooks  •  Nook

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