Joy Challenge // Day 1 // Fierce Self Love

Hi Lovelies!!

Today kicks off the 6-day Joy Challenge over at one of my favorite online places in the entire inter webs: Stratejoy.

As I've mentioned before on the blog, Molly's Joy Equation is the best $30 I've ever spent, so when I saw that she's rereleasing The Joy Equation and celebrating with this 6-day Challenge, I had to jump on board.

It works like this ... each day for the rest of the week, Molly will post a journal prompt and an exploration prompt in which you celebrate you.

I decided to make mine more of an online journal (aka, blog post), but I seriously encourage all of you to do this, even if it's just scribbling the prompt on a scrap piece of paper.

Today's prompt? Developing fierce self love by embracing the idea that you are enough. Just as you are. 

Now, having completed the Joy Equation, I thought I knew what I was getting into here. Honestly, I thought I'd be more or less going through the motions of something I'd done before by writing this post.

But oh my gosh you guys, completing Molly's prompt on all the things that I am was so much more invigorating and empowering than I expected. I just finished, and I seriously feel like I can take on the world right now!

There are two options: 

Simply journal on why you are enough. That's it. So beautifully simple. Or, if you're feeling like you need a bit of help (as I did!) You can use her prompt and fill in the blanks.

In the graphic below, the black parts are Molly's prompt, the pink parts are my responses.

Okay that was the journal part. As for today's Exploration Prompt, Molly says this: 

I want you to take a self-portrait that celebrates something you love and value about yourself.  I want you to recognize and celebrate the good/beauty/contribution you see without wishing it to be different, without negating its power, without comparison.

So, here we go:

Now, I know you're like, "Dude, Lauren that's just you with a lot of pencils." Dude, I know. The pencils are symbolic, yo. See, I am an organization FREAK. And lately I've been beating myself up for being too rigid, all trying to surfer talk myself into "going with the flow, man." No. Fuck that. I hate going with the flow. I like outlines and organization and I'M ALWAYS AFRAID I WILL RUN OUT OF PENCILS. So today, I'm owning all that glorious uptight goodness.

Alright. Your turn. Hop on over to Stratejoy and take the Joy Challenge with me!

(and check back tomorrow for day 2!)

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