Lauren Layne Book Update: December 2017

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I’ve been all about holidays and champagne and planning for the new year lately, and realized … it’s been awhile since I’ve talked about “book stuff!” Fear not, I’m still an author first and foremost, and writing is ALWAYS my top priority, I just sometimes go underground with it to protect my creative vibes. The muse is very delicate 😉

Here’s what’s been happening ...


Ready to Run is an iBooks Best of the Year!

I'm so excited to announce that Ready to Run was named an iBooks best book of the year! They picked ten of their best fiction books, and Ready to Run made the list! I’m thrilled, especially since the romance genre often gets snubbed in these types of lists.

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What's New

In case you've missed it, I have a new release! An Ex for Christmas is a full-length holiday-themed novel about a plucky, superstitious heroine determined to reconnect with one of her exes before Christmas ... only to realize the right guy's been right in front of her all along.

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Next Release

Runaway Groom is right around the corner! Technically this is in the same series as Ready to Run, but even more so than my other series, it can be read as a standalone. It features the same reality TV show (Jilted), but where as Ready to Run was about a producer attempting to recruit a contestant, Runaway Groom is about the actual show. Also, fair warning for readers who are particular to point-of-view, this book is written in first-person POV, whereas Ready to Run was told in third-person. It’s the first time I changed it up mid-series, but Gage and Ellie just demanded to be told a certain way.


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Cover Reveal

Now, I know, I know, everyone’s all excited about the coming of the fifth Oxford book — I am too! But I’d like to take a minute to point your attention to a brand new series. Like Oxford, it’s a “guy in suits” series, and they’re mostly workplace romances, but it’s about a whole new crew. Hot Asset is about a playboy Wall Street broker who falls for the SEC investigator who thinks he’s guilty of insider trading. Tricky. Very tricky. 

The cover was just revealed last week, and I really love it so much. It feels fresh, sophisticated, and that guy's smirk is 100% Ian Bradley.


Lauren Layne

What I'm Working On 

I’m sort of straddling revisions for Hard Sell (Book Two in the 21 Wall Street series) as well as drafting a book I haven’t announced yet. Truth be told, it's been a little nice to write without publisher/editor/agent/reader expectation. I'm writing just for me, without agenda, and it's really, really lovely. I'm going to protect it for just a bit longer!


Print Books

About those print books … I continue to get constant queries on whether certain books are ever going to be available in paperback. I’m sorry to say that the majority of my previously released book are e-book only. They’re published by a digital-only imprint of Random House. I’d been keeping my fingers crossed they’d agree to a print run on some of the bestsellers, or future Oxford books, but no dice.

What does that mean for future books? It means that my two remaining books with that imprint (Runway Groom and I Think I Love You) will be ebook-only. My 21 Wall Street series is with a new publisher, and will be available in paperback and Kindle format (no iBooks/Nook version on that one, sorry). And I’m releasing an unannounced standalone at the end of March that will be available in all e-book formats and in paperback.

2019 will bring more paperbacks. But the details on that series is secret for now! 

For my current books available in paperback and ebook, check out this list.

Wait, what happened to ...

In case you missed my earlier announcement, Just Run With It, the third book in my I Do, I Don’t series has been gently removed from my release list. My publisher and I made the decision to release the fifth Oxford book in place of that one. 

(no) update on New York's Finest

What about Marco and Elena Moretti? I love you guys for caring so much about the remaining Moretti siblings. Alas, I wrote those books a long time ago, and I fear the New York’s Finest series is no longer fresh enough in my mind to do those stories do justice. Rest assured, they all live happily ever after.

That's it for updates! 

In the mean time, you can check out all Lauren Layne books here



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