Makeup Review: Charlotte Tilbury Glow Kit

 Note: This is totally not me. Nor do I have any idea if this model used the Charlotte Glow Kit. But this glowing look is totally achievable!

Note: This is totally not me. Nor do I have any idea if this model used the Charlotte Glow Kit. But this glowing look is totally achievable!

I’m not a beauty blogger. You guys know this.

I am a beauty enthusiast, meaning that while I buy about half my clothes on Amazon for under $20 (+ Prime 2-day shipping, baby!) and do my own manicure twice a week because I can't bear the thought of paying for something I can do myself,, when it comes to my cosmetics …

My credit cards get one hell of a workout.

This has never been quite so true as while on a recent trip to Arizona, I stopped by Nordstrom (we don’t have one in New York!) to do a haul of the very expensive, very fabulous Charlotte Tilbury. 

I got lots of good stuff, to be reviewed at a future date, but my favorite of all my purchases was this:

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Her limited edition Glow Kit.

What is it? Pretty much everything you need to look amazing and natural. Magic, right?

Now, I tend to be “meh” on makeup palettes. I’ve purchased approximately 3,201 over the years. I’ve been enthused about some, less so about others, but I always get tired of them after a week and go back to my “usual” makeup.

I’ve had this for a month now and used it EVERY DAY.

Now, before I get into the individual elements, I will say this: I feel like this this has a very summery vibe to it. I don’t know I’d be as excited to get this in February, when I’m Tim Burton movie pale, and the sun’s like, “I’m out."

But as the days get warmer, the makeup gets bronzier, and that’s what this palette is for.

So. Let’s discuss.

There are 3 eyeshadows. The Brightener (1) and Enhance (2) shades are my favorite. Very shimmery and brightening without being glittery and making you look like you’re 15. I just swipe those two colors every which way, add some black liner, and I’ve got My Look.

The smoke shade (3) is a touch warm/reddish for my skin tone, so I use it sparingly, but it does blend like a dream. 

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Then we have a bunch of “face” powders. My FAVORITE of the bunch is the highlighter. Nobody does highlighters like Charlotte. There’s a reason this kit is the “glow kit” and the highlighter is that reason. You’ll feel instantly prettier with a swipe of this on your upper cheek bones and brow bone, promise.

The bronze colors are equally great. I’m pretty shoddy at contouring, but this makes it easy to give myself some shape without feeling like I’m painting a brown stripe on my face.

The surprise though? The blush. I love my Chanel Orchid Rose blush, I’m quite loyal to it. The coral blush in this one looked all wrong for me. I thought. Wrong. It’s gorgeous, with just the right amount of color to be there but not “yikes.” 

I don’t have a tutorial video for you. I’m not that savvy. Just check out her website for that, it’s much better.

I do have a few “candid” pictures of me with the glow kit though! Nothing posed, just random selfies taken in the first month in which I’m wearing the makeup. 

I love how there are no bright colors, no crazy sharp lines, just soft, pretty enhancing. My idea of the perfect make-up look!



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