New Book Announcement - Holiday Standalone!

Hey guys, LL here!

It's probably some sort of ghastly faux pas to be discussing Christmas on St. Patrick's Day, but I've been waiting ages for this book to be available for pre-order so I can talk about it, and I simply cannot wait another day to say ...

I've been holding out on you guys!

I've slipped up a few times and mentioned that I have seven books coming out in 2017, but astute readers have noted that up until today, I've only announced six. 

Now that it's finally up on Amazon, I get to tell you guys that:

I have a Christmas story coming out this year!

Not a novella, either, a full Lauren Layne rom-com with all sorts of holiday sparkle.

Here's the deal with this one:

I've always loved Christmas-themed romances, and from the very beginning of my career, I've wanted to write one. Easier said than done though! They're a bit of a hard sell for publishers, as they're so seasonal. And even when you can talk a publisher into it, they usually want you to write a novella as part of an anthology. Which, I'm not against, and I would totally be open to doing some day, but it's not what I wanted to do with this story.

In my head, this book plays out a bit like a Hallmark Christmas movie (come on, I know I'm not the only one to watch/love those!) and I needed a full-book word count in order to tell the story the way I want to.

I'm SO grateful that my publisher (Loveswept/Penguin Random House) got on board and said, "Sure, we'll publish your Christmas story!" 

Much giddiness and out-of-season caroling ensued. 

I don't yet have an official cover, but I do have a title and buy-links!

An Ex for Christmas

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Full description can be found here, but the short-and-sweet summary:

A superstitious heroine is told by a psychic that she's already met her one true love, and so she decides her Christmas wish is to figure out who from her past is The One. She puts together a list of her ex boyfriends and attempts to reconnect with them. All with the reluctant help of her best friend Mark, who may or may not have a Christmas wish of his own ...

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