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I’m a few days late getting my November theme up on the blog, because …

I’ve been writing a book!

I just typed The End on my latest story last night (Yours to Keep, September 2020), and I’ve been savoring the breathtaking euphoria that always comes with finishing a book. This is book number thirty-something for me, and I can never quite wrap my head around the fact that it never gets old, and that there is no feeling quite like it.

As Anthony observed last night, writing a book (or finishing a creation of any kind) means you’ve put something net new into the world—something that plain didn’t exist until you put it into existence. There’s a certain surreal magic in knowing you’ve added something to the universe. I feel this exhilaration every time I type The End, but last night I found myself deliberately savoring it, which leads me to … November’s theme word!

But first, a little recap of October.

October’s theme word was revel—I started October with an energized giddiness and a bubbly joie de vivre. I wanted to embrace the bright oranges of the month, take spontaneous trips, have themed movie nights, relish all things spooky and Halloween, throw myself whole-heartedly into writing projects, side projects, and squeeze every bit of sparkle out of every single day. Hence the theme word: I wanted to revel in all things October.

And I did exactly that. And it was fantastic.

We took three totally spontaneous, unplanned-until-we-were-on-the-road trips. We hiked through bright orange forests, and gaped at the bright reds and golds. I delighted in writing every single word of Yours to Keep and made no room for writer’s block or deadline anxiety. We capped off workdays with Harry Potter movies and homemade butter beer. I dressed Bailey in not one, but two different costumes, and took about five dozen pictures. We put charcoal in our Manhattan cocktails to make them black and spooky and relished every sip. We deliberately creeped ourselves out watching Castle Rock. We went all out for Halloween. Even out vegetable consumption had a flare for the dramatic, roasted Brussels Sprouts with pancetta and feta fondue being the month’s favorite.

October’s revel mission was an out-and-out success, and I wouldn’t change a damn thing about those thirty-one days.

Which brings us to November.

I want that same whole-hearted joy I felt in October, but everything seems just a little quieter in November, doesn’t it? The colors of the remaining leaves on the trees more muted. The big holiday (Thanksgiving, here in the US) more introspective in contrast with Halloween’s bold energy. The weather turns from crisp to cold, begging for cozy nights at home. I find myself craving tea, and soup, and chunky sweaters. Turning on Tony Bennett on a Friday night, instead of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” I want candle light and knee socks and a really good book.

In October, I committed to reveling in every moment—I craved loud laughs, surprise trips, bright colors, strong cocktails, and going all-in on everything.

In November, I want all of that joy, but with a softer edge. I want to slow down. I space to think, and time to daydream. I want quiet moments to appreciate this amazing life that Anthony and I have built.

In November, I will:


Savor is a synonym of revel, but it’s a quieter cousin.

It’s a word I used twice in my opening paragraphs of this blog post talking about my feelings last night upon finishing the latest book, and the perfect word for what I want out of this month.

I want to savor every moment of November—quietly, thoughtfully.



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