October 13, 2016

Hey guys, Lauren Layne here, EXTRA excited for this Weekly because I have ... a COVER REVEAL!

Keep reading for your first glimpse of Walk of Shame!

Also, we only have a couple more days until To Love and to Cherish, and I'm in that weird point of anguish where I'm so excited for you guys to finally get Alexis and Logan's story, but also feeling that "oh noes" feeling of knowing that the series is coming to an end?!

I'm in denial.

But to get everyone excited, I've got a fun new excerpt below! Get ready to swoon over my first-ever (but hopefully not last!) British hero.



What I'm Working On

Available Feb 14, 2017

Available Feb 14, 2017

If this Weekly's just a touch shorter than usual, it's because I have revisions due for Love Story on the 15th! I know, I know, I just turned this one in, but my editor is crazy fast and on top of things, so it's back in my court again, and I'm LOVING making a few tweaks to make the story even more swoon-worthy!

Sneak Peek: 

“You’re fidgeting,” Reece says in an irritable voice. 
He’s always irritable. Have you noticed?
“My skirt keeps riding up,” I mutter, shifting to tug it down.
“Maybe if you wore something bigger than piece of masking tape wrapped around your ass …”
I smirk a little that he’s noticed. Not that I needed the verbal confirmation that Reece noticed my outfit today.
Few moments in my life have been as gratifying as coming out of my Savannah motel room to find him leaning against the side of the car, looking bored.
Bored until he’d seen me in a flared coral miniskirt and a silky black halter top. The high-heeled sandals hadn’t hurt.
He’d blinked and tensed, and for a second there, I’d had to remind myself that I’d dressed for Oscar. Not Reece.
If I repeat it often enough, maybe it’ll become true.

What I'm Obsessed With

You know how some women love shoes? Others love purses?

Yeah, I love both those things. Intensely.

But my true passion, the one thing I can resist?


Trench coats, pea-coats, even rain jackets. I love them all, and have way more than I need.

Which is why I totally shouldn't even be looking at new ones, and yet ... OMG, right?! 

I can't quite justify the splurge, but in case any of you are looking to treat yo'self, this pretty is $220 from White House Black Market (my favorite store, about 80% of my wardrobe is from there). 

What I'm Reading 

Dead of Winter by Kresley Cole

My friend Kristi turned me on to this YA series. From the description, I thought it wouldn't be my usual jam, but I devoured the first book like I've never devoured a book before. It's about Tarot cards, and is kinda paranormal, kinda fantasy, kinda dystopian, plenty of romance ... And yeah, okay, I know I'm not selling it well AT ALL, but you have to trust me, this is one of the best series I've EVER read. 

Note: I'm reading Book 3. If you're new to this series, you'll definitely want to start with Book One (Poison Princess), as this is a series that I HIGHLY recommend reading in order.

Next Release

To Love and to Cherish

Just a few more days till Alexis and Logan! Who's ready for Tuesday?!?!?


Sneak Peek

“My life is fine.”
Logan tilted his head back and prayed for patience. This woman . . .
He took a deep breath and looked back at her. “You deserve better than fine, Alexis.”
She lifted an eyebrow. “And you think you’re the key to that?”
“I think you should give us the chance to find out.”
“Just let me be here for you. As your friend. I won’t make a move, I’ll sleep in the bathtub, and I won’t kiss you until you ask me to.”
“Until I ask you to? You seem pretty confident that it’s an inevitability. And don’t hold your breath, not after last time.”
He gave her a cocky grin and slowly slid his hands from around her waist before holding one out to her. “Show me our room?”
She rolled her eyes. “I’m so going to regret this.”
But then she put her hand in his, let him lead her back into the hotel.
Logan smiled in quiet triumph. The seduction of Alexis Morgan had begun, and she didn’t have a clue.

Cover Reveal

Walk of Shame

As promised, I have the cover of Walk of Shame, and ... can we all just GASP together? How fun and fresh is this?

I'm obsessed with this cover -- perhaps more obsessed than I've ever been with any cover, because it's so wonderfully different from anything else I'm seeing out there, and I'm THRILLED to be able to try something a little new. Not that I can't take even a tiny bit of credit, this was 100% my publisher, all I did was say APPROVE APPROVE APPROVE.

Tell me this cover doesn't SCREAM Lauren Layne?! Excuse me while I stop and stare. Again.

This one's not out until April 18th, and I'm pretty sure I'll die waiting right alongside the rest of you, so ... how about a "first look." Note, this book is still in super early stages, so this excerpt is by no means final, I'm still playing around.


First Look

“Ramon, you owe me,” I say as I push through the revolving door of my building. “The donut shop guy forgot his key, so he opened up a few minutes late, but I love you so I waited, and—“
I break off as I see Ramon’s not alone as he usually is when I come bearing donuts.
*This* is what I get for being three minutes late.
The back of Andrew Mulroney, Esquire.
True to form, the guy doesn’t even turn his head to watch me approach which is really his loss, because the light pink dress is a super cute color on me, and the matching Manalo Blahnik stilettos are completely on point. 
“Ms. Watkins, good morning,” the concierge says.
I heave a sigh. “Oh Ramon, no. You have your deferential face on, I hate that.” 
“Do you even know what deferential means?” Andrew asks, not looking up from where he writes something on an envelope in anal, pretentious little letters.
“Oh, you’re talking to me now?” I say with a fake-start of surprise.
“I always speak with you, Georgiana. Someone has to tell you when you’re being ridiculous.” 
"Which is always?" I guess snidely.
Andrew finally glances up. Looks me over. "Are you wearing glitter?"

Where my fellow writers at?!

I just learned that the writing program I use to draft all my books is doing an extended trial-version in honor of NaNoWriMo. If you've got a Mac, Ulyssess is worth looking into.

Who might like it: Organized (anal!) writers like me who think of their books with very precise structure, as a collection of scenes that can easily moved around.

Who might not like it: More free-form pansters who like to see their WIP as one flowing, comprehensive document. 

Here's an overview of their features and some screenshots to see if it might be a good fit for you!

Until next week!

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