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I’ve always been a huge advocate for January planning and annual theme words, but after a rather lackluster and meandering summer, I realized that the goals and visions I’d set for myself last December felt stale, forgotten, and ill-fitting.

September marked the first month I set a monthly theme word, and I found it so shockingly effective, that I’ve decided to repeat the process for October.

September was all about resetting after an aimless, frustrating summer. I consciously put my July and August funk behind me and overhauled just about everything in my life.

My Reset theme manifested in some major ways: I made some big career decisions, and feel really good about the direction of Lauren Layne. My physical space changed too. Upon realizing that the apartment we moved into in August just felt wrong, we moved. Again. Yes, I moved twice in one month.

I also reset my health. I went to the gym 24 out of 30 days in September (huge improvement over the Sloth of Summer), and deliberately set out to remember what 5-vegetable servings in a day felt like.

And then, there were the little ways that I reset. I added some minimalist fall decorations to my home. I ditched the low-key minimalist “don’t care” vibe of summer, and suddenly I’m all about navy blue nails and gray eye shadow. I even changed my everyday lipstick color for the first time in years (from Bobbi Brown’s Sandwash Pink to Lancome’s Lucky Kiss, for inquiring minds, but they’re really not all that different, don’t get too excited).

I literally feel like a new woman, inside and out. Vibrant and confident and focused. I feel completely the opposite of how I felt at the end of August/beginning of September.

I’m eager to keep that daily purposefulness going, so I sat down and did some thinking on what I wanted out of my October, and came up with this theme word:


From Merriam-Webster:

to take intense pleasure or satisfaction

Whether it’s my current work-in-progress (featuring a pro-baseball player and an outspoken high school science teacher), or spontaneous New Englund leaf-chasing trips with Anthony, sipping a glass of Chardonnay by my scented candles and pumpkins, or the Harry Potter binge-watch session I’ve got planned, I’m committed to reveling in the pleasure of each and every moment October brings me.

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