Olivia Pope Wineglasses - Making Wine Sexy

Olivia Pope Wine Glasses

I’m not much of a TV watcher, but when I do tune in, I tend to … covet things.


Rachel’s hair in Season 8 of Friends (her straight styles aged better than “The Rachel,” you know they did!)

Carrie’s shoe collection in Sex and the City.

Scratch that. Charlotte’s apartment in Sex and the City.

Liz Lemon’s glasses. Buffy’s body.

Annalise Keating’s moxie.

And …

Olivia Pope’s wine glasses.

On that last one, at least, I know I’m not alone. Googling that very phrase comes up with a ton of hits.

Now, it’s really best to see the glasses in action on the actual show, but I’ll do my best to convey Their Magic with a few images.

Do you see?

No? Okay, well let me get a little more into what makes them so freaking sexy and better than other wine glasses.

For starters, the big “bowl” part of the glass is just fantastic. It’s huge, which makes our wee feminine hands feel oh-so-dainty. And for the men folk, it feels substantial and non-fussy.

The shape of the bowl (where the actual wine is poured) is also amazing. It’s very round, rather than, well "oval-ish" like most red wine glasses. I’m sure there are wine experts out there who are scoffing, because they know that the shape of a red wine glass makes a difference with the smell and the swirl and that “normal” wine glasses are shaped that way for a reason, but …

I do not give one shit about that.

I like the Olivia Pope glasses because they’re sexy, and that, my friends, is what makes wine taste amazing to me.

The other amazing thing about these glasses (in case I didn’t convince you with the cool globe-like shape of the bowl) is the stem.

They’re very long and delicate, making for an extremely tall wine glass.

The downside? They’re hard to fit into cupboards.

Guess who cares about that?

NOT ME. I display them prettily on my bar cart.

Because the tall, slim stem makes these look extra elegant, and you’ll feel like, well … Olivia Pope while drinking them.

The best news? You can find them at a regular old store:

Crate and Barrel.

 source: Crate and Barrel

source: Crate and Barrel

Yes, that’s right. The actual Olivia Pope glasses are from Crate and Barrel’s Camille line.

Now, they’re not cheap. The red wine are $12.95/each, which is cheaper than a lot of fancy Riedel wine glasses, but they’re also not the 4-pack for $6 you can find on sale at Target, or whatever.

Are they worth it? Yes, yes they are.

 source: Crate and Barrel

source: Crate and Barrel

They make even the cheapest bottle of red feel like a special occasion. And, just in case I wasn’t causing enough of a ruckus in your budget, I’d also like to point out that although Olivia Pope is a red wine drinker and uses the red wine version …

The “white wine” version of the Camille glasses are just as amazing.

They don't get as much internet love as the red wine version, but have the same sleek silhouette, just on a smaller scale. I actually use these more, as I tend to prefer white/rosé to red wine, especially in warmer months.

And why stop there?

Hypothetically (really), I may (I do) have 2 of the Camille Coupe champagne glasses, and 2 of the regular Camille champagne glasses.

Yes, that’s right. I have the entire collection and have zero regrets. While the red wine version are the most striking because of that big, round bowl (sexier than it sounds promise), all of the glasses get compliments because of the extra long/slim stem.

They’re elegant. They’re classy. They’re sexy as hell.

You want them.

Camille Red Wine Glass

Camille White Wine Glass

Camille Champagne Coupe Glass

Camille Champagne Glass

Two Tips from an experienced Olivia Pope Wine glass owner:

(1) Watch for sales! C&B regularly runs 20% off all stemware sales that includes the Camille line — I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for my babies!

(2)Handwash them I know, I know, but you’ll know when you see them that they won’t survive your dishwasher. They’re worth it, I promise.

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