Have you ever looked another author’s Instagram grid, Facebook posts, website, Snapchat prowess, candid Tweets, dazzling website, or just all around online persona, and thought, “Wow!

Chances are the wow factor you’re seeing is a gorgeous marriage of that author’s brand and her branding.

What’s the difference?

Author Brand

An author brand is what your readers/followers come to expect from you— it’s what you bring to the table and deliver consistently. It’s your vibe, as well as the vibe of your books. The way people describe you to their friends. For example, within the romance world, one wouldn’t describe JR Ward to a romance newbie in the same way they would Lauren Blakely. Both are fabulous,, both write contemporary romance, but they’re also entirely different. That’s their strong brands at work.

Brand design

Also known as branding, brand design is visual representation of your brand. It’s the colors you use, the fonts you choose, your logo, whether your graphics and photos are minimalist or bold, and so on.

Done right, the combination of a consistent brand and a brand design is the foundation of your author platform.

Tip: Figure out your brand—and then match your branding to that vibe.

The bad news first: I can’t tell you exactly what your brand is. No one can! Because your brand is you.

Remember, the key here is to teach readers and followers what to expect from you.

How will they describe you to their friends? Start showing up as that person on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, your website, and so on.

consistency + authenticity

Overview of author branding