Packing Tips for International Travel Newbies

Packing Tips for International Travel

In a few days, Mr. Layne and I will embark on our first-ever overseas trip! We're headed to Berlin for the RARE signing in Berlin on June 17th. I hope to see some of you there!

Anyway, the trip's right around the corner, and you guys may know this about me, but I'm a very organized lass. My apartment's tidy, my days structured, my entire year planned out in January.

And yet somehow, this trip snuck up on me! I realized late in the game that I need to figure out ... everything. Hotels, transportation, what to pack, how much German I needed to learn, etc.

Lucky for me, my in-laws are super travel-savvy. They're some of the most jet-setting people I've ever met, and my mother-in-law must have sensed my panic and procrastination from afar, because she sent me the BEST list of suggestions on how to prepare for living out of a carry-on size suitcase for 12 days.

With her permission, I'm sharing the tips here. You seasoned road-warriors will have all this under your belt, but newbies like me will find it helpful (I especially loved the tip on the handbag/purse situation!) 

Preparing for a European Vacation (carry-on luggage friendly!) 

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What to bring

Purse and Tote:

I treat the purse situation like layering clothes.  I have three that all can fit within each other;

  • first the wristlit, when you just need an ID, lipstick and your phone
  • which can fit inside a cross-body bag used for most day-time excursions
  • which can fit inside a zipped tote, like Longchamp, for travel things like the kindle and plugs, etc

Here's the cross-body I just used.  I like the square nature of it because I felt like I could see and find things and get to them easier.

Cashmere wrap

On all other things, I try not to bring anything that requires dry-cleaning, but the cashmere wrap is an exception. It's perfect for evenings after the sun sets, and can double as a blanket on the plane.

This is the one I have.

A note on deciding what to bring ...

I like to keep consistent with a color scheme so it makes it easy to mix and match and coordinate shoes.

  • black and white with pops of color
  • shades of blue is my spring summer go to 


Loving off-the-shoulder tops, but bring whatever's comfortable and your usual style--mabye skip the workout-inspired clothes, but other than that, what you'd wear on a normal day, say out to lunch with a friend is perfect.  I loved this one--it did wrinkle, but still fun! 


Flats! These did not hurt my feet and the blush color goes well with everything. They did get a bit beat up on the cobblestone streets, so don't bring expensive designer brands!

Me Too flats are super comfy because they have cushy insoles.

Also, carry some band-aids just in case!!

How to Pack


Definitely get some organizer squares/packing cubes. I put day time tops in one and dressier night-time tops in another. You can also do it by outfits. I always roll my clothes, and pack in two of the 10 x 7 versions of these.

Use compression cubes for anything where you don't care about wrinkles. Socks, etc.

Shoe Tip

If you can get your flats into an outer pocket of your suitcase, then you don't need a cube for them.

Laundry bag 

Be sure to bring something to put your dirty clothes in. I like these.

Happy Traveling! 

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