Publishers Weekly reviewed Ready to Run!

Ready to Run by Lauren Layne

Although we still have a month and a bit to go until the release of Ready to Run, I’m so excited to announce that it received a lovely review in Publishers Weekly!

Why is that “news” worthy?

Well, because getting into Publishers Weekly is no easy feat! Getting a positive review is even trickier business. It especially makes me happy with this book, because as the start of a new series, I’ll confess to some author insecurities over how to build buzz over characters that nobody knows, with covers in a  style they aren’t familiar with, and so on.

I do my best to remember that all I can do is write the best book I can, over and over, and forget the other stuff.

But when the "other stuff" is a prestigious Publishers Weekly review, it’s, well … nice :-)

Layne (I Knew You Were Trouble) gives a nod to Runaway Bride and The Bachelor with this clever romance set in Lucky Hollow, Mont.
— Publishers Weekly
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