Release Date Changes & An LL "State of the Union" Address

I come bearing some news today …

There’s been a change to my publication schedule. A bit of the news is good for readers (one book moved earlier, yay!), another bit of news not quite as good …

I’ve pushed back two of my 2017 releases to 2018.

Full list of my upcoming books below, but the changed books are as follows:


Runaway Groom

Previous publication date: September 12, 2017

New publication date: January 30, 2018

Just Run With It

Previous publication date: October 24, 2017

New publication date: March 20, 2018


Earlier than planned:

An Ex for Christmas

Previous publication date: December 5, 2017

New publication date: November 7, 2017

(note that many of these dates have not been updated on Amazon and the other retailers yet, but they will be soon -- the dates you see here are the most current, so as with pretty much ALWAYS, don't trust GoodReads)


Now. You guys have questions. I have answers. 

Reader Question #1:

Why???? Why would you do this to us, LL??!?!

Sigh. So much to say.

The short, easy answer is that while I am generally a fast writer, I had a rocky start to 2017, and it put me behind schedule.

In the past, a book-a-month was my “comfort pace,” it’s the natural rhythm of my writing/creative process. But February had some personal hiccups, some professional discouragement, and March was even worse. I went through a few weeks without writing (a rarity for me).

When I finally got back to writing, the creative process came back in a beautiful way, but … no matter how easily the words were flowing, the fact was: I was behind schedule, and the only way to hit my deadlines was to rush the books.

This was unacceptable to me.

While most books will endure at least a few "crunch time" writing sessions during deadline, this was different. My gut told me that if I pushed through, I’d have to compromise the stories to hit the dates, and that’s where I draw the line—I refuse to put out anything less than my best work. 

See, while reviews often will deem an author’s book “not her best” or “her best!” based on their own personal enjoyment of a particular story, it feels very different on the author-side of the camp.

Every book is absolutely our 100% best effort. I don’t know a single author who’s put out a book thinking, “Eh, it wasn’t as good as this other one that I wrote, but I’ll send it out into the world anyway!” 

If we know we can do better on a book, or we're stalled on it because we don’t know how to write it right, we hold onto it until we’re satisfied.

Which, to get back on point here, is why I asked my agent/publisher for some relief on Runaway Groom and Just Run With It. With my previous schedule, I couldn't give them my best. I knew I couldn’t write them without rushing them, and I’m too excited about those books to give them less than 100%. 

Runaway Groom is actually finished now, and the extra time I got because of the delay in publication made all the difference. In fact, the second my publisher said “sure!” to my extension request, the story full-out blossomed. 

The books needed some breathing room. I needed some breathing room.

With my books so close together, I feel this insane pressure that every book has to top the last, and please all the people, and do as well as such and such bestseller did, and oh look, that one didn’t do as well as the one that came out right before it, and … it's never ending. It sucks.

I feel like I'm on a damned assembly line.

With my old schedule, readers who got early copies of my books  were often reading my “next” release within days of my “current” book being released into the world. I feel like my books are literally stealing each other’s thunder, and all of a sudden it hit me that …

I wasn’t enjoying my own party.

Now to be clear, this is all on me--100% my own doing. I set my own schedule, all by myself, and it took me way too long to realize ... my books deserve better. 

Why am I going way too into all of this? I want you guys to know I didn’t make this decision lightly. I know what it is to eagerly await a particular author's books, or maybe one of their book’s in particular. Delays can be brutal, I know! Just please trust me that Runaway Groom and Just Run With It will be all the more magical because of it.


Reader Question 2:

Why did you push out Runaway Groom / Just Run With It, but not An Ex Christmas, even though that was scheduled to release after the other two?

Easy: An Ex for Christmas is seasonal. It was either release it this Christmas season, or push it all the way until the 2018 holidays. The other two books were more flexible. Plus, moving the other two out meant that we could scoot An Ex for Christmas up to November (from original December date), which is more optimal for Christmas-romance-reading! 


Reader Question #3:

Does this mean you only have 2 books coming out in 2018? January and March?

No, not at all. I’ll have at least a couple other releases, and while I’m starting to have a pretty good sense of what those stories are, I don’t yet know their release dates, and I most definitely don’t have descriptions/covers, or even titles. To avoid confusion, I’m opting to wait until thing are a bit more final. For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above, I’m going to be careful about not releasing too many LL-books, but there will be more than two 😃 

In Summary ...

Whew, that was a long one, am I right?! 

If you’re still with me, THANK YOU. Thank you for reading, thank you for understanding, and thanks for all your support. For every snarky reader out there, there are dozens of amazing, supportive ones (like the people in my Facebook group), and I love you guys for it. You’re the ones that get me through the rough patches.

And once again, here’s the new release schedule 😃 



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