September 22, 2016

Hello and happy autumn from Lauren Layne!!!

I'm having one of those days where I have so much to talk about, and yet not quite enough time to fit it all in! 

Not only am I putting finishing touches on Love Story (out in February!), not only am I putit 2017 release schedule, but our web design company Last Word Designs has a bunch of fabulous new projects in flight.

Plus, I had dinner with one of my publishers, Mr. Layne had a comedy show, and so on. Life has been SO good, but in that dizzying, can't-keep-up kind of way!

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with all things LL!

Upcoming Book Signing

I'm a little behind in updating the "appearances" section on my website, but wanted to let you all know that I have an upcoming signing! 

On October 29th, from 12-2pm I'll be at Turn the Page bookstore in Boonsboro, Maryland signing copies of The Wedding Belles! 

I mean, it's no big deal, it's just Nora Roberts' bookstore.

As in, I'll be in the same room as Nora. I have every intention of playing it cool, and every expectation that I'll fail miserably. I"ll probably forget to sign my own books because I"m too busy shoving other people out of line asking her to sign everything she's ever written for me.

What the ...

Speaking of appearances, I spoke on a romance panel at the Brooklyn Book Fair this past weekend. It was amazing, I got to meet Sarah Maclean who's one of my heroes.

The hubs came along and took some pictures. He got this gem of me "talking" while Tessa Bailey's like, "oh dear." 

I'm so delicate.

(If I remember correctly, I was a little fired up talking about the tendency for people to have different standards for heroines than they do heroes. The guys get to be dicks, and everyone's like, "oh, alpha!" Heroines ... it gets tricky.

Gotta say though, I kinda get it! I lurrrve myself an a-hole hero. *signs up for therapy*

What I'm Working On

Love Story!

As mentioned, I’m completely immersed in Love Story right now. This is another of my stand-alines in the vein of Blurred Lines and Good Girl. I haven’t talked about it much, because the spotlight’s been on Wedding Belles. Not to mention, those Oxford boys have a way of stealing a lot of attention.

But I’d hate if this one got overlooked because it’s equal parts snarky and romantic, and I’ve had plenty of author happy-sighs over this second-chance romance/road trip story.
Below is a quick snippet of my current draft as well as my character inspiration.

(apologies if the excerpt is a repeat, I always forget which I've shared!) 

Excerpt from Love Story

Realizing Lucy hasn’t gotten out of the car yet, I brace a palm on the top of Horny and lean down to see what’s up.

She’s scribbling in that stupid notebook, lip drawn between her teeth as she writes.
“Dude. What are you doing?” 

She doesn’t stop writing.

“Hello? Weirdo, it’s hot. Let’s go.” 

She clicks her pen shut and reads what she’s just written. “And then, after not speaking for over three hundred miles, his first words are *dude*, and *weirdo*. I’m no longer puzzled as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend—“

I roll my eyes and slam the driver side door on her sentence, and the passenger door opens a second later.

She stretches like I did, inhales like I did too, before a wide smile beams. “This is what I wanted.”

My eyebrows lift. “This? s in, a 1-star roadside motel with more roaches than guests?”

“Lighten up, grandpa. We’re on vacation.”

“Yeah, that’s not what this is,” I mutter, as I follow her up towards the check-in desk.

Quick Hits

It's been awhile, but I'm trying to bring back my "quick hits" ... i.e., those things I'm LOVING about life, beauty, fitness, food, or just general randomness from around the web.


LL in 3 Fictional Characters

Usually I ignore (or am unaware of) social media trends, but I confess I’ve been loving the “Describe yourself in 3 Fictional Characters” thing going around, and I’ve been thinking about it more than I should, and after much debating, here’s me (as I see myself) in 3 characters. Yes, they’re all different, but I feel it sums up my various “sides.” 

(note: Karen from Will & Grace was totally a runner-up, as was Princess Jasmine)

The Countdown is on ...

Less than a month until the third and final book in The Wedding Belles! To Love and to Cherish will be out on October 18th in paperback and digital ... here's another snippet to ease the pain of waiting ;-) 


His head whipped around at the sound of his name. Alexis was walking toward him in her usual quick pace, her even steps and stiletto shoes paying no mind to the uneven sidewalk as she made her way to him.

A strand of hair had pulled loose of the knot at her neck, the jacket belt at her waist knotted more haphazardly than he was used to seeing.

Her eyes were wide and clear as she got closer.

Logan sighed. Ah hell. No. There was no moving on, not yet.

There was only her.

Until next week!




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