September 29, 2016


Another Thursday, another Weekly! And before I forget to mention it, my site's currently under construction, so I apologize in advance if anything looks a little wonky, or if you encounter a broken link. Hopefully this week's issue of The Weekly is at least in tact! 

I'm currently writing this sitting cross legged on my bed, and I'm thrilled with the fact that it's raining outside! Maybe it's my Seattle roots, but nothing puts me in a good mood quite as well as a grey day. Even better on a day when I get to stay inside all day and write!

What am I writing, you ask? Read on, pets. Read on.



What I'm Working On

Still Love Story! This book has been a wily one--so much fun to write, but I realized when I was about 85% done that my hero wasn't nearly as swoon-worthy as I wanted him to be.

So, I started over. I mean, not all the way over, but I more or less rewrote big old chunks of it.

I'm so excited to say that yesterday I had The Moment. The moment where I had the shakes because a) it's almost done, and b) it's so so so good.

Yes, I say that about my own writing. Always a good sign when I can give myself all the feels.



I sit bolt upright again when I hear Reece come out of the bathroom. He's not even trying to hide the fact that he’s noticed my skirt has hiked up as I change.
I hurriedly pull it down, and he smirks..
I give him my best glare before scooting off the bed. “Done in the bathroom?”
Once again, not looking at me. *Fine*.
I brush by him, ignoring that he smells like mint and soap and man. 
I hesitate only briefly before taking off my makeup, stuck between this weird place of thinking, “It’s just Reece” and “Ohmigod, it’s Reece.” Sort of like that feeling of wanting to look your best for a guy, and yet somehow knowing that you don’t have to, because he’ll like you anyway.
I put toothpaste on my brush and point it at my reflection in warning.. “Don’t. He doesn’t like you. Remember. And you don’t like him.”
“What’s happening in there, Hawkins?” he calls.
“Nothing.” I shove the toothbrush into my mouth, working up a furious foam. 
By the time I come out of the bathroom, the rum-haze is fading, my blood is cooling, my brain gaining the upper hand over my hormones.
And then it all goes to hell. He’s standing there in nothing but blue plaid boxers, and he’s absolutely a perfect specimen of man.
He was always fit courtesy of high school sports and long hours in the vineyards, but this is different. Once again, I realize that the boy I knew has been replaced by a man. 
“What are you—? Damn it, Reece, put a shirt on.”
He gives me a disgusted look before crossing the room to the close to grab the spare blanket from the top shelf. “You’ve seen it all before.”
“Yeah but that was …”
Reece grabs one of the pillows off the bed. “That was what?”
“That was before,” I say, grabbing at the pillow.
He grabs it back. “Seriously? There are like six pillows on that bed. You don’t need them all.” 
I grab it back again, only to regret it, because at least the pillow blocked some of the view of his six pack. Making matters worse, his boxers are slung low revealing far too much muscly goodness.
I’m in so much trouble.

Almost There ...

Just a little over 2 weeks until To Love and to Cherish! Can we please talk about how pretty the mood-board I created is?

Speaking of The Wedding Belles, how about a podcast?!

Last Friday I headed over to the Simon & Schuster offices (publisher of The Wedding Belles) to join the team for the XOXO podcast! 

Their episode for the week was "I (heart) NY" and I was thrill when they invited me to chat all things New York and Wedding Belles. 


May take a second to load!


What I'm Obsessed With ...

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Perfume

I'm mostly a Chanel girl when it comes to perfume, but I surprised myself this summer by becoming smitten with Elizabeth and James Nirvana White. It's floral, and I'm not usually a floral perfume lover, but I could not seem to stop wearing it!

I was super excited to hear that they have two new scents out for Fall! One is a rose scent that the gal at Sephora told me was a bestseller, but I'm loving the Bourbon scent! Admittedly I'm not super keen on the bottle ... it's sort of a brownish amber color. But the smoky vanilla smell makes the "meh" packaging worth it.

LL Recommends ...

I just finished First Star I See Tonight by the incomparable Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Now, SEP is probably the reason I got into writing contemporary romance. When it comes to my reading preferences, I've always been partial to historical, even as I knew my voice wasn't well-suited for it. Then I discovered SEP, and thought: This. This is what I want to do.

Admittedly I've been behind on her past few releases, so it's been years since I've read her. I approached her newest release with a bit of trepidation, worried I wouldn't be as enamored as I was back then. WRONG. I don't know if it just hit me at the right time, or what, but this is easily one of the best romances I've ever read. Also, major cover-jealousy.

Ask Lauren Anything ...

So, for the longest time I had a HUGE back-log of questions to get to in the Weekly, but my list is dwindling and in a few weeks I'll have no more questions to answer! If you guys like this section of The Weekly, be sure to email your questions to so I have something to talk about! ;-) 

Today's Question from Marcy

Question for you? Did you happen to write a spin off book with the character Eryn from the Blurred Lines book?

Her character just seems to captivate me and I thought if there was a book telling her story I would love to read it.


LL Response

Hey Marcy! I'm so glad you loved Eryn. To be perfectly honest, I really meant for her to be the antagonist (author nerd speak for Bad Guy) of Blurred Lines. At some point though, she changed on me ... went from being Voldemort to the more complicated Snape. 

(Yeah, I Harry Pottered it up)

Anyway, as much as I love what a pleasant surprise she was at the end, she sadly does not have her own book! I wrote Blurred Lines at a time when I had "series fatigue," and the Love Unexpectedly books (Blurred Lines, Good Girl, Love Story) were all written as standalones without any plans to expand those "worlds" into other stories.

(And yes, you guys should read this as news that Finn and Vaughn from Good Girl are likely not getting their own story as I once thought they might ...) 

Annnnnnnnd ... How about some Lincoln?

Her eyes scanned until she found Lincoln in the kitchen, rinsing her coffee mug. He glanced over his shoulder when she came into the room and smiled, although she thought his smile seemed a little less wide than it usually was, his eyes a little less flirtatious.
Yeah, she’d definitely outstayed her welcome.
“I made the bed,” she said, awkwardly gesturing over her shoulder. “But if there are fresh sheets you want me to put on . . .”
“Nah, I’ll take care of it later. Maybe. There are worse things than the smell of a woman’s perfume on a pillow.”
They could have been the words of a man very accustomed to multiple women’s perfumes on his pillow, but Daisy could have sworn she heard a trace of sadness in his voice just then.
She watched as he filled a small silver bowl with dog food. Kiwi wandered over to sniff it, then gave him a disdainful look that clearly said, Make me some eggs.
Lincoln shook his head at the dog, a communication it seemed to understand because Kiwi huffed, before halfheartedly taking a bite of the dry dog food.
Cute. Very, very cute.

until next week ...

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